( . )( . ) vs ( . Y . ) = Everyone Wins

This title was pieced together from 2 different conversations with 2 different dudes from The Filthy Radicals. Don't worry, you probably get it just as much as we do, but at least we all know it's true. 

"You're gonna eat lightning and you're gonna crap thunder."

I had no intention of writing about the new Lost Love album, Comfortable Scars - streaming right now over at NewNoiseMagazine.com - when it first met my earholes, but after spending the last few days getting to know it on repeat at work and then going home and blowing off all these things just to listen to it some more... and I'm talking like big deal things you know like I wanted to finish this O Magazine my friend gave me and shit...

Dirty Dee is still dirty because he's Dirty Dee, dammit!

Those who know me will be happy to hear I showered tonight.
Those who don't know me.. I hate showering.
Showering is gross.
But, if I can find the perfect album to listen to that day, that mood, that shower, it makes it almost bearable.
Tonight I found that perfect album - of all time.

DieSciFi beeitch.

To set the mood for this review: My (mom's) cat died today.
To take my mind off that I decided to write a review.
The last band to ask for one was a band called DieSciFi.
The name of my (mom's) late cat.... SciFi.

The Falcon - Gather Up The Chaps

The Falcon's new album is making my beating heart feel more like a throbbing erection (at least I'm assuming this is what a throbbing erection feels like...)
It's almost like each song is propelling Viagra down my earholes and into my chestal area.

Guess what took longer: Writing The Review vs Drawing The Picture

I downloaded Yeah Bud!!!'s Yeah Bud!!!, listened to it a bunch, and then went on vacation with no computer, no Internet =no Yeah Bud!!!.
Yadda yadda yadda, now I'm back and I just pressed play on the EP, and.. hearing the beginning of "Waste My Daze" again was like hearing the familiar buzz of my vibrator. I swear my ears started to pant with anticipation.
And as the song played that anticipation blossomed into artspiration... observe:

NECK - Hate To Read

Meet NECK, snooty punk rockers from Ottawa, ON.
You may remember them from such MusicSheBlogged comps as comp #5, Fifth Times A Charm
According to their new album they Hate To Read...
Which sucks for them since this is a 'read only' review.
I hope they hate it!