introducing 1971 (the band, not the year)

1971 are the perfect blend of that 70's stoner vibe, 80's punk and 90's rock.
Pop that combo into a blender and you've got yourself the chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie of 2014 punk rock.
Or, you know, whatever your most epic smoothie flavour is. To each their own. But for me this is definitely a chocolate + peanut butter + banana. Mmmmmmm.

Mad Trapper - Kill Us, Start Anew

Mad Trapper are a hostile ass hardcore band who will have you banging your head like one of those fucking dipping birds high on booger sugar with a cup full of monster energy drink and jager.

Straight D'sized titties!

Guys, check out Straight D's!!
No, I don't mean a straight row of size D titties, although that makes for a pretty sweet and perfect simile for the quality of the album in question... -"It's as good as a straight row of size D titties!"

Get ready for the Long Winter with Jesse LeBourdais!

Jesse LeBourdais' voice is like a cozy blanket knit together with folk and punk coloured yarn, wrapping itself around you as you settle in for the Long Winter months.
He reminds me so much of Frank Turner who I will always have a special place for in my heart... a place that he'll now have to share with Jesse, curled together in one beautiful sounding snuggie.

Pet Sun = your brain on drugs.

For me right now it's my brain on cold medication, which still technically falls under the 'drugs' category so whatever, it works.


Did Manson form a hardcore punk band with the Blood Brothers singers, taking influence from the Refused?
Did the Kandarian Demon enlist the ghost of Kurt Cobain to write a dark, grungy soundtrack for the Deadites crew to surf to?


And by that I mean listen to Liver -the band not the organ duhh- alone in your room. Or, like, I don't care, go listen to it when you're out with friends or at work or while you're perched upon the porcelain thrown as your ass cries tears of Jameson and Sriracha.

In Love With A Punk Zine.. or Three.

So my new fav writer - Shelby Monita - sent me a few zines to review and while i was at a cottage this weekend i finally got a chance to sit down and read them, and boy oh boy oh boy am i ever hooked.
every one of them (excuse my laziness for typing right now, deal with the consta-lowercase, k thanks) i found i could really relate to taste & attitude - wise. to be completely stalkerish, i mean honest, i almost feel like this chick is my new best friend... does that sound too desperate? i just think she's cool n stuffs.
n e poo, here's a bit about each zine and why i liked 'em:

And We Danced - Back To The Middle

I'm not going to lie, this new And We Danced album, Back To The Middle, starts off sounding pretty fucking sappy. I wasn't sure if I was going to dig it at all as the intro played through, bleeding into the first real pop rock track with these nasally vocals that I would have creamed my 14 year old pants over but tend to feel a little too old to appreciate these days.

PEARS - fuck the fruit, I'm talking about the band.

Holy shit,
PEARS, as in, a band, the band, called PEARS.
I can't even..
I just can't.
Just, holy shit.
I never ever liked pears, but I am making up for that now by fucking loving PEARS.