Brutal fucking Youth.

I spent most of tonight getting drunk and learning Taylor Swift songs (ok, one song, I'm not that bright) on guitar for the spoof cover band I'm forcing my sister to be in because I just found out she actually has an amaazing voice. I have it all planned out, we'll call it Tailor Swift and our first hit will be "I Knew You Were Butter When You Slopped In" .. clearly directed at that I Can't Believe It's Not Butter margarine that is actually butter as the lyrics (and eventual video) will explain.
So yeah, going from that pop pun-iverse to listening to the new Brutal Youth EP Bottoming Out was kinda like transferring from an all girls private school to a penis packed public school.

14 of my favourite t'ings from 2014. a list!

Aside from this -

- here are 14 of my favourite music things from this year, completely off the top of my head and loosely in order:

1. THIS COMPILATION. (Sorry but, truth.)
Everything on this is the best of 2014 for me, even if it wasn't actually released this year.. who gives a flying turd.
Snacks?' "Morning Bru" is one of the greatest songs of all time.. PEARS & The Hunters put out a couple of my favourite albums this year.. osoosooso's EP was my spring-to-summer fling yadda yadda yadda every song on here is perfect.

2. Mikey Erg​/​Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers Split

3. The Creeps - "Cancer" and the rest of Eulogies... it's the kind of thing wet dreams are made of.

4. Indonesian Junk demo ... so into this. Daniel James!

5. The Raging Nathans - Losing It . 

6. Caffiends/Wolf-Face Split

7. Tinkerbelles - Fine Asses

8. Dune Rats - S/T

9. Born Wrong - Art District

10. The Dirty Nil - Cinnamon/Guided By Vices

11.  White Lung - Deep Fantasy

12. Gnarly Whales - Can't Even Get Depression Right

13. Squarecrow - "Don't You Worry" .. something about this song mannnn. but the whole album is great as well.

14. Stuck Out Here - Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit ... had these songs stuck in my head for a good chunk of 2014.

There are SO many more. SO. MANY. MORE. But I'm SO LAZY. And smoked wayyyyy too much weed this year to remember everything I loved. "It's better to have loved and forgotten than never to have listened at all."

2014: THE END.

Fireflies from Hell..

New favourite band from my new favourite city: Tinkerbelles from Chicago.
Fuck do I ever miss Chicago.
Luckily this garage punk duo from the city I never found to be that windy are doing a great job of bringing Chicago to my earholes.
Definitely one of my favourite discoveries as of late.

I think I'm getting repetitive stress disorder from scratching my butt all day.

I was just thinking about how bands like Greys, The Dirty Nil and Single Mothers have created this sound that screams dirty Southern Ontario punk rock for me right now.
I know there are so many wicked bands in these parts busy defining this'n'that sub-genre of punk, but those guys have a specific sound so recognizable and 'homegrown' they could almost be in a commercial for Foodland screaming "Good things grow in Ontario".

introducing 1971 (the band, not the year)

1971 are the perfect blend of that 70's stoner vibe, 80's punk and 90's rock.
Pop that combo into a blender and you've got yourself the chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie of 2014 punk rock.
Or, you know, whatever your most epic smoothie flavour is. To each their own. But for me this is definitely a chocolate + peanut butter + banana. Mmmmmmm.

Mad Trapper - Kill Us, Start Anew

Mad Trapper are a hostile ass hardcore band who will have you banging your head like one of those fucking dipping birds high on booger sugar with a cup full of monster energy drink and jager.

Straight D'sized titties!

Guys, check out Straight D's!!
No, I don't mean a straight row of size D titties, although that makes for a pretty sweet and perfect simile for the quality of the album in question... -"It's as good as a straight row of size D titties!"

Get ready for the Long Winter with Jesse LeBourdais!

Jesse LeBourdais' voice is like a cozy blanket knit together with folk and punk coloured yarn, wrapping itself around you as you settle in for the Long Winter months.
He reminds me so much of Frank Turner who I will always have a special place for in my heart... a place that he'll now have to share with Jesse, curled together in one beautiful sounding snuggie.