Here They Fall...err I mean, Here We Stand by the Fratellis

The Fratelli's recently released their second album titled Here We Stand, a follow up to the ever-so amazing Costello Music. The 2006 debut cd left me psyched to hear more, yet here I am listening to the latest and wishing I had never removed Costello Music from my player. Not to say that their softmore attempt isn't good, but it definitely cannot be compared to it's big brother. Nothing seems to stick out, it's not really a "singles" album like the previous. The tone of the album is a soft, semi-summertime feeling, which works considering it's about time to get out the Hawaiian shirts and sit on a patio pounding beer... but honestly, if I wanted a summertime album along these lines to relax to I would immediately trade this album in for anything from the Beach Boys to Vampire Weekend or even Jimmy Buffet.
I was expecting something a little more catchy from the Fratelli boys. Their signature (judging by the first album anyway) seems to be really upbeat music that you can dance like a fool to (or for the more conservative listener something you can clap your hands to) on top of gritty vocals that makes even the most tone deaf person sound good when they sing along. But with this album the boys missed their mark. I love the brit/pop rock with a passion and sadly this album upset me. I'm still listening to it and waiting for the hooks, something I can act a fool to, and I'm coming up empty handed each time through. What more can I say but lame dick!?! A good attempt, but that's all that it was. If I stop comparing it to the last album or other off da hook brit bands like bloc party or the cribs then I'd probably appreciate it more, but unfortunately for them that's not going to happen after such an amazing debut... whomp whomp!!!

It's Chris James Bitch. S my D.