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Weezer's Back! With another self titled album (nicknamed the Red Album) Weezer enters the 2008 scene following up Make Believe with what I hoped would bring back the brilliance of the other self titled albums or Pinkerton....
I have to say I am pretty disappointed.
It starts out strong with the first two tracks incorporating fierce, grimy beats and the classic Weezer simplicity but quickly goes downhill from there once you hit Pork and Beans, the first single. This song is a hot mess, and not in a good way. After the first chorus I'm already bored to tears, reliving the horror of their last album *there were a few good songs, but nothing special*. This track definitely belongs on Make Believe. I know they wrote it as an answer to all their label bullshit, but it feels like it was too rushed and could have been a lot better. Sort of a last ditch effort to say "fuck you" to the label but ending up being a really shitty single which might have done more to prove their label right.
The rest of the album is nothing special, I could take it or leave it.
Interestingly enough River's doesn't sing on every track, and the ones where his vocals are absent barely resemble Weezer at all. Thought I Knew is an amazing track, and the vocals are fantastic, but when you keep in mind that it IS still Weezer it's a little discouraging.
All in all this album just seemed too long to me (even with just 10 tracks), and too repetitive even for Weezer. It's still an improvement from Make Believe though, cutting out the crap "I'm so broken hearted and alone" emo bullshit and incorporating more traditional humoured lyrics.
Despite the shit, the songs I enjoyed (The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Troublemaker, Thought I Knew...) are good enough that I'm not regretting this purchase. I just feel that if it was less filler and more Pinkerton-Esq then everybody would be a lot happier.

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