Introducing...... The New Cities

Ever had one of those wet dreams in which punk, electro and pop all met up for a fantastic
menage a trois without it being super uncomfortable? Well those dreams are about to come true as I introduce you to 6 young men from Quebec who call themselves The New Cities.
A mere 3 years after the band's formation these boys have perfected this new super genre that many failed to pull off, and they know it. You can feel the confidence through the music, and it works with them to create one of the best stage performances I've seen in a long time, especially coming from an opening band. Paving the way for the Johnstones back in May 2008, the New Cities came on strong with a shit load of energy. There was never a dull moment in the direction of the stage as the killer upbeat songs made it absolutely impossible not to dance. Normally The Johnstones have no competition when it comes to their stage presence, but The New Cities definitely kept up and gave them a run for their money.
These guys bring it all to the table in just the right amounts, which is exactly what the music scene today needs. Appealing to fans of all types of genres, NC are so diverse that they could play with almost any band and have the crowd fall head over heels for them. A mix between The Faint and The Audition, the music sounds as if the boys took cues from all the (shitty) pop punk bands of the 90's and added a futuristic spin on it, somehow pulling it off and making it work...well. You try combining Taking Back Sunday with the electro clash of Men Women and Children without being cheesy and you'll understand just how difficult it is! With more hooks than a tackle box, these beats will reel you in faster than you can say "go fish". It's dancy with a twist of darkness, and the softer accented vocals compliment the hell out of the music.
The New Cities are going to be huge.
Keep an eye out for their new cd coming soon, there are a few songs on their myspace that show a lot of promise for an amazing album!