Alice Through The Looking Glass

On July 5th at about ten o’clock Toronto natives Crystal Castles took to the Sirius Satellite Radio Stage at their hometown’s Harbourfront Centre as part of Breaks, Beats, and Film a free three-day festival for the arts.

The Crystal Castles are the otherworldly Alice Glass on vocals and Ethan Kath on guitar, synthesizer, and turntables. And last night they murdered.

After a painfully long set-up Ethan started spinning. Alice slinked on stage, beer in hand, and over to the mic. As soon as the first notes came out of her mouth the mob, well over 1000 people, surged toward the stage. I spent the rest of the evening pinned against the metal mesh barrier.

Alice was absolutely mental. She riveted the audience. No one could take their eyes off of her. She didn’t waste time, taking a dive off stage left during the opening song. Arms reached from everywhere to grab a feel before we lifted her back onto the amp.

Halfway through the set Alice walked off and spoke to the technician before going backstage. The crowd lost it as the technicians struggled to adjust the mics. Everyone screamed and chanted “ALICE” until she came back on to finish the show out.

During the final song Alice abruptly threw down her beer and began kicking the drum kit. The drummer kept slamming hard and fast. The kit finally rattled apart, signalling the end of the show. And thanks to a nice security guy I got to finish her beer.

Reviewed by Lindsey Cull.