Oh, You Pretty Things!

When Dirty Pretty Things began recording their second album they informed their fans that it would sound very different from their first release, 2005's Waterloo To Anywhere. Indeed it does.

The difference in production was to my ears the most obvious (and offensive) change. Unlike Waterloo, Romance At Short Notice was not recorded live. I missed terribly that mash up of guitars and the less controlled, sometimes slightly incoherent, vocals that Waterloo featured.

After I'd grieved sufficiently I listened a few more times. Dirty Pretty Things have not matched their first release with Romance, but it's still a solid record.

The guitar riffs have softer edges than Waterloo's sharper, more cutting sound. You can hear a little bit of Libertines-era Carl in some of them. The lead and rhythm guitars net nicely over one another. Gary's drums are, as always, perfection. It sounds like his kit's just going to fall apart if he beats those skins any harder. A nice addition is Anthony handling lead vocals on a couple of tracks. And I cannot go without mentioning the excellent Mr. Didz Hammond on bass, who is sporting a rather handsome moustache these days.

The first single, "Tired of England," begs you to sing along, but the standout track is "Kicks of Consumption." Although Waterloo is a must, I don't think you'll mind having Romance At Short Notice in your collection, either. It's Carl Barat, for Pete's sake! (See what I did there? Carl and Pete. Clever, yeah?)

Sent in by Lindsey Cull.