Roses Kings Castles

Roses Kings Castles is the name that Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek has adopted for his solo material. Ficek has already released one single, “Sparkling Bootz” on both CD and 7” vinyl, and an indie album will be available September 22nd.

Ficek’s sweet, folksy pop was likened to that of legend Syd Barrett by NME magazine. Quite true. “Sparkling Bootz” is a pretty love song about an aloof girl plunked out on an acoustic. Being the only member of Roses Kings Castles, Adam accompanies himself on piano, xylophone, drums, harmonica, and even adds whistling and hand-claps. The sound swells as the layers of recordings are over-lapped, and it is here that the quirky, homemade quality of the song is somewhat lost. The polished production is decidedly unlike Barrett.

In fact, I prefer the more stripped-down sound of the unfinished demos he has posted on his MySpace page. I recommend having a listen to these.

Adam’s lovely soft voice is perfect for expressing the quality of his music. But there is nothing sentimental or trite in these songs. Roses Kings Castles is reminiscent of traditional music (some people call this “folk” music, but not music snobs like me) in that it is romantic but not romanticized.

Adam Ficek is a true talent and dedicated to the music. This is an act to watch out for.

Sent in by Lindsey Cull.