The Deepsea Goes

For fans of Fugazi, Nation of Ulysses, Unwound or The Fall, check out Los Angele's blast from the past, The Deepsea Goes.
Sounding like they came straight out of the late 80's or early 90's hardcore scene, this experimental punk rock revelation comes at you with raw, rapturous and riveting works of art that prove that there still can be more depth to music than catchy melodies and pretty, radio-friendly vocals.
Check out their latest EP titled Reductio Ad Absurdum here.

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Sing It Loud sing it proud!!

They've got hair!
They've got flare!
They're Sing It Loud, and they're everywhere!!
(wow lame)
What generically could be called the epitomy of "pop", a picture of the 2008 release Come Around will probably end up in the dictionary next to the word within days.
Sticking out like Sarah Jessica Parker's honker on Epitaph as the only strictly pop band on the label overflowing with punk bands like Bad Religion, NOFX, Rancid, etc. the band makes up for their lack of mohawks, swearing, and guitar solos with long luscious locks, rainbows, and well written toe-tapping singalongs. If you close your eyes and listen they could almost pass as colourful puppets on strings, singing and dancing to an audience of giggling toddlers. But when you listen closely to the lyrics there's no diaper drama here, strictly high school-like love notes.
No, the label didn't get held up at gun point in order for SIL to get signed, they're on there for a good reason. It may be poppy, but it's very well executed and beautifully written. Still not convinced?
Neither am I.
Will you love it anyway?
I sure will!

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Cold War Kids

Check out Cold War Kid's second release titled Loyalty to Loyalty, you can find it sampled here on their myspace. (
Definitely worth a listen, bluesy-punk-soul-indie rock.

A beep beep beep and a bop bop bop...

I'm sure that I have no credibility left whatsoever so I'm just gonna to go ahead and review the new Plain White T's album. You're probably thinking "what's next, Hannah Montana" and I'd be lying if I said that I would never go that far.
I'm a slave to pop music, there I said it. In the case of the Plain White T's, what used to be cutesy pop punk has now lost any hint of punk, and replaced it with acoustic influences in some songs, and dance beats in others. Believe it or not 2008's Big Bad World is actually their 5th full length since forming in 1997. That's pretty legit, considering 75% of their fans didn't even know they existed until the 2006 single Hey There Delilah. Based on the popularity and constant airplay that song received it's obvious that the group followed suit with their new single from this album, 1234. It's slow, it's extremely cute, and it seems that they've taken a lesson or two on what to say to make 14 year old girls swoon. Masters of the cute card, there's no denying that they know how to make your heart melt..
"make me feel good when i hurt so bad, best that i've had, i'm so glad i found you, i love being around you, you make it easy, it's easy as 1, 2, 1 2 3 4... there's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you... i love you"
When I said I was a slave to pop music, that's not exactly what I had in mind.
Forget about the lyrics and the constant "oooh"s, "doo doo doo"s and "la la la"s for a second though and the album isn't all bad. Adopting a slightly more mature sound mimicking that of the Early November (particularly Mother from The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path) incorporating horns, violin and harmonica, the Plain White boys have the verses down to a "T", but they can never seem to hold it together in the chorus. In Meet Me In California or Natural Disaster for example, both start off sounding like good, upbeat, unique pop songs, but as soon as they cross that bridge they fall apart into cheesy doughy lame poop. And then there's Sunrise, which loosely sounds like Pink Floyd meets The Beatles meets The Backstreet Boys. Interesting, to say the least.

Fun Facts:
Most of these songs are about sex!

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A Likely Lad

Cal Roberts is a charming English lad with guitar in hand and a head full of words. A young prodigy, I believe, and so, incidentally, does Pete Doherty.

After receiving the young upstart’s demo in Liverpool, Peter picked Cal to open a solo show for him in Vienna. Roberts got to meet up with Doherty at his house, filled to brimming with cats and bloody canvases, to rehearse before flying out, and had what could only have been a banging good time.

Roberts has all the romance of a Doherty. In Austria he played an impromptu set out of a hotel window on his pretty black acoustic with “Callum” emblazoned across it. His lovely songs are reflections and ideas on his life, and so honest—no pretension or drama. Just really beautiful acoustic music.

Now in addition to his own sets at various venues, he’s set to open for The Courteeners at 53 Degrees in Preston on September 29th, and again for Sir Pete at Hackney Empire on October 2nd.

Check out Cal’s website to listen and for free (!) downloads. You’ll want to.

Sent in by Lindsey Cull.

Oh Gym Class Heroes... I miss you more than Shaq missed free throws...oooh!

“Tell me if I'm wrong, but after 26 years I feel I've paid my dues, and if you play this song just know that I live my life the way I choose, and now I stand here proud, laughing out loud for the sold out crowd but when no one's around I refuse to feel inferior to you."

These lyrics from Gym Class Heroes latest release, The Quilt, basically sum up the album, showing the difference in maturity, humour, and the subject most tackled throughout the album.
Taking on a more serious tone, Travis chooses to address all the bloggers who shit talk him on this album on more than one occasion, letting everybody know that he's done caring about what they say about him and expressing his triumph over drugs and alcohol throughout the last year. Bottom line? Move bitch, get out da way! Nothing can stop Travis now!
The sound of this album has matured right along with his attitude, approaching an almost bluesy, neo-soul style far beyond their last album. Replacing the catchy singalongs with stronger lyrics and a slower more serious touch, it's hard to miss the upbeat vibes of the last album considering how exceptionally well the music and lyrics in this album were written.
Guest starring greats such as Busta Rhymes, Lil' Wayne, Estelle, and sampling songs like Papa Was A Rolling Stone and Sunglasses at Night, GHC even shakes it up a bit by having guitarist Disashi Lumumba-Kasango singing one of the tracks.

Gym Class Heroes will be performing October 26th at the Sound Academy in Toronto with Estelle and my personal favourites THE ROOTS bitches!

SIDE NOTE: The new track Catch Me If You Can kind of reminds me of local band Down With Webster... anyone else?

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Roses Freebies

Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek releases the second single from is solo project Roses Kings Castles today (September 8th). "Entroubled" is a folksy pop tune about a girl who causes trouble. A melodious acoustic, a xylaphone, some distorted electric guitar, and Adam's lovely voice.

Check out or to hear more and to get your free(!) copy. "Entroubled," as well as his first single, "Sparkling Bootz" are also available on 7" vinyl. The self-titled album drops September 22nd. You can get it here:

Show some support and maybe Adam'll cross the pond for a few shows!

Sent in by Lindsey Cull.

They Are The Sound

Alexisonfire burned up a sold-out show in Sudbury last night at On The Rocks, the Cambrian College pub. The show was an end to Frosh week, and the co-eds got out of hand.

More than a couple of kids were escorted out of the premises for climbing on barriers, body surfing, and for one lad with chutzpah, snatching a mic out of George’s hand.

The night started out slow with a disappointing opener by UK head-bangers Johnny Truant. I don’t think they came within a hundred feet of a third chord in any of their numbers. The kids weren’t too moved, but I could tell good things were to come when I noticed that the crowd was a sea of Alexisonfire tees.

The atmosphere remained ho-hum as Truant left the stage and techs fiddled with equipment. But when the boys finally wandered on stage everyone packed so tight there was body-on-body sweat, beer flying, and people flying. The pushing worked to my advantage; I only got closer and closer to the stage.

If you’re not having fun, Chris Steeles’ face as he pulls on his bass strings, is enough to convince you that you should be. He grabbed hands in the front row and kissed fingers. Meanwhile the sweat stains on singer George Pettit’s tee grew song by song until they merged and he was soaked. Dallas Green’s guitar was as lovely as his pipes were impeccable. Guitarist Wade McNeil did not lose speed, even after playing one with Johnny Truant, but he did lose his hat, thrashing around the stage. Last, but certainly not least, Jordan Hastings proved himself a venerable musician, beating the skins into submission.

The best song was “We Are The Sound,” as every kid who’d grown progressively drunker over the course of the night put their guts into singing the chorus. The best moment was George standing on a table, surrounded, and finding himself mic-less, diving into the crowd.

All in all I’d call it a success.

Sent in by Lindsey Cull.

Norris... representing Thunder Bay!

For all the hardcore fans in the audience I bring to you Norris, hailing from Thunder Bay Ontario this band is worth a listen.
Appealing to those who love bands such as Cursed, Terror, Botch, Black Dahlia Murder and The End, the band's latest EP titled Bone Crusher will make you shit your pants.
Infused with tons of driving double kick, random guitar solos, and sporadic tempo changes the guys stay tight and spit out delicious melodics through their guitars the entire disc through.
What sets them apart from other bands of this style is the vocals. The low inaudible growl lack of singing might be enough to make some cringe, but the unique tone and style immediately grows on you becoming music to your ears, literally.
Check them out on September 10th, 11th or 12th in Thunder Bay.
Visit for more information and to listen to their tracks.