Sing It Loud sing it proud!!

They've got hair!
They've got flare!
They're Sing It Loud, and they're everywhere!!
(wow lame)
What generically could be called the epitomy of "pop", a picture of the 2008 release Come Around will probably end up in the dictionary next to the word within days.
Sticking out like Sarah Jessica Parker's honker on Epitaph as the only strictly pop band on the label overflowing with punk bands like Bad Religion, NOFX, Rancid, etc. the band makes up for their lack of mohawks, swearing, and guitar solos with long luscious locks, rainbows, and well written toe-tapping singalongs. If you close your eyes and listen they could almost pass as colourful puppets on strings, singing and dancing to an audience of giggling toddlers. But when you listen closely to the lyrics there's no diaper drama here, strictly high school-like love notes.
No, the label didn't get held up at gun point in order for SIL to get signed, they're on there for a good reason. It may be poppy, but it's very well executed and beautifully written. Still not convinced?
Neither am I.
Will you love it anyway?
I sure will!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.