They Are The Sound

Alexisonfire burned up a sold-out show in Sudbury last night at On The Rocks, the Cambrian College pub. The show was an end to Frosh week, and the co-eds got out of hand.

More than a couple of kids were escorted out of the premises for climbing on barriers, body surfing, and for one lad with chutzpah, snatching a mic out of George’s hand.

The night started out slow with a disappointing opener by UK head-bangers Johnny Truant. I don’t think they came within a hundred feet of a third chord in any of their numbers. The kids weren’t too moved, but I could tell good things were to come when I noticed that the crowd was a sea of Alexisonfire tees.

The atmosphere remained ho-hum as Truant left the stage and techs fiddled with equipment. But when the boys finally wandered on stage everyone packed so tight there was body-on-body sweat, beer flying, and people flying. The pushing worked to my advantage; I only got closer and closer to the stage.

If you’re not having fun, Chris Steeles’ face as he pulls on his bass strings, is enough to convince you that you should be. He grabbed hands in the front row and kissed fingers. Meanwhile the sweat stains on singer George Pettit’s tee grew song by song until they merged and he was soaked. Dallas Green’s guitar was as lovely as his pipes were impeccable. Guitarist Wade McNeil did not lose speed, even after playing one with Johnny Truant, but he did lose his hat, thrashing around the stage. Last, but certainly not least, Jordan Hastings proved himself a venerable musician, beating the skins into submission.

The best song was “We Are The Sound,” as every kid who’d grown progressively drunker over the course of the night put their guts into singing the chorus. The best moment was George standing on a table, surrounded, and finding himself mic-less, diving into the crowd.

All in all I’d call it a success.

Sent in by Lindsey Cull.