Dance! Dance! Dance Damn You!

"Dancing... is... a primitive art-form... used in ancient times to express oneself with... the body! And communicate!"

If you ever feel the urge to dance take a listen to these assholes below, some of it's a bit clubby, others poppy, all of it will put you in the mood to break it down!

Family Force Five:
Crunk rock. The End.

Ultraviolet Sound:
Definitely clubby, you may recognize the 2 of Hearts track. Tiger Heat is another great track.

Electric Valentine:
Also clubby. Also featured in the 2 of Hearts song (see above). Not the greatest but worth a listen and good for a beat.

Jeffree Star:
You may have heard of Jeffree Star before, he's been around... an American model, fashion designer, make-up artist and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. Self-proclaimed Queen of the Beautifuls, he pumps out wicked electronica/hip hop, and even has Danger Radio featured in a track.

Big City Kids:
Electro-rock. Pretty typical but good none the less.

Watch Out Theres Ghosts:
This duo is nuts, electronic dance hardcore screaming experimental clubby ... nuts! Also amazing!

The Secret Handshake:
Great cover I think it's off of Punk Goes Crunk, the rest isn't bad either. Electro-laptop pop/rock, with one man masterminding the whole operation, COOL!

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