Escape the Fate is back! Whoop-di-do.

Escape the Fate has moved on to their second record, This War is Yours, and their second singer (as far as I know, and I don't really care to research fuck off!) Craig Mabbit formerly from Bless the Fall.
Again, I've never been a huge fan of this band, their first album was a guilty pleasure among many of my friends, but whenever I'd put it in rotation on my Ipod I'd immediately end up skipping through it. Among the better of the screamo/hardcore/rock bands out there, I'd have to say this second album I might not have to skip entirely. The few songs on their myspace are surprisingly tolerable this time around, and although I've never been a fan of their growling or their cliche breakdowns ("clear house assholes"!) I find myself oddly drawn to their choruses and melodic harmonizing, and the new singer isn't bad either. He definitely has a much more "emo" sounding voice than the last singer but he has a lot of power behind the whine, and it suites the sound. I have to say that I still love the last singers deeper "punk rock" sounding voice, it stood out a lot more in a screamo band whereas this singer could be mistaken for many.
Give it a chance, yo.

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