Rise Against, and a change of heart.

The hatred I felt towards the latest Rise Against album Appeal To Reason after hearing the first single, Re-Education Through Labour, has since dispersed after listening to the full album. This change of heart happened only as of the fourth track, The Dirt Whispered, and on. Three horrible commercial rock songs in I almost gave up, but track 4 saved face, and from there the album grew to be one of my favs.
This is their 5th studio release, and opened at #3 on the Billboard top 200, a new high for the band in the commercial world.
That still doesn't justify the first three tracks.
I can't put my finger on it, but something really rubs me the wrong way about those songs, so I'm going to pretend they don't exist.
The rest of the album, however, is stronger than ever and nothing to be ashamed of.
Lyrics are never a weakness for the band, and their brilliance continues to shine through after almost ten years of writing.
The Itunes and UK bonus tracks available with this album are also something to check out, including a live version of Prayer of the Refugee (from The Sufferer & the Witness) and check out their Minor Threat cover, currently a B-side.

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