They said they only want me because i sing and i'm sexy, and if you want to get me don't call me just text me! - DETOX RETOX!!!

It's about time some good came out of Washington, DC!
Practically babies on the music scene, Detox Retox formed merely 6 months ago and honestly I would never have guessed they were so fresh-from-the-womb when I first listened to them.
Stemming from influences in all directions such as The Police, Talking Heads, the Rolling Stones, Head Automatica, Arctic Monkeys, and TV on the Radio, this is a band that makes me really happy that I started this blog.
Already super tight, these guys are "ready to pour their sex all over you"
(How hot is that!)
The chemistry they have in their songs seems to scream "we are a real band!" alongside the ripping guitars, every song capable of commercial success but definitely with lasting potential and a guaranteed cult following.
With dance-infused rock songs keeping it simple is key... and with lyrics that will make you laugh and a drum beat to bounce around to, listening to DR is like having greasy sweaty sex with a gorgeous grungy smoker... really good sex.

Check them out here:

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