Are you ready for The New Enemy?

Are you down on the new style of crap the kids are calling punk rock nowadays?

Are you wearing your old Kid Dynamite album thin from too many spins?

Are you ready to meet your new best friend, The New Enemy!?

Hailing from Toronto this epic 4 piece band brings back everything you used to love about hardcore punk fifteen years ago. Fusing together experience from well-known bands like Dodger and Pets or Meat, they create a sound much like old Sick Of It All meets Durham Region 90's skate punk, with the added bonus of sex-tastic raspy vocals.
Fitting in among other local excellent ol' fashioned punk bands such as Hostage Life, The Little Millionaires, and The Video Dead to prove that great music is timeless, and the Toronto scene is still thriving and spitting out bands that will forever take you back to your first true love.
Producing soon-to-be punk rock anthems of our time, The New Enemy's brand spankin' new EP titled Outsourced (visit their myspace for a free download) is bound to get a lot of play, with tight party songs and tunes to nod your head to.... so get it now!!!

Catch them this Friday (December 5th, 2008) in Hamilton!

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