Space Is For Stars...

...and judging by the poor turnout at the Reverb this past Thursday (December 4th, 2008)there aren't many stars in Toronto, just space.
At first glance around the empty bar where the few seats that were occupied seemed to be filled with members of the bands playing or their immediate group of friends/girlfriends, the show seemed bleak.
The first and only band that I could stand to watch was called Space Is For Stars from Newmarket/Toronto. Judging by the once over I gave the songs on their myspace before the show I was very intrigued to see what kind of show these boys put on. Taking a look around at the (non)crowd did not give a very good first impression.
The first song was forgettable, but mere seconds into the next track I began to enjoy myself. This one was more funky and upbeat than the first, and from then on the band spit out increasingly better Franz Ferdinand-style indie rock tracks that made my feet want to keep moving as I bipped and bopped along.
The vocals were beautiful and strong, and unique enough to deny many comparisons, but the singer lacked the emotion on stage that would have brought the songs to a whole other level. The drums were good but basic, and although they sound great in all their recordings there was room to kick them up a notch or two on stage to demand more positive attention from the audience. The two guitars and bass add a well-rounded, yet edgy feel to each track, and although the lead guitarist was doing his part to rock out the rest of the band seemed a bit uncomfortable in the spotlight and therefore the stage presence came off somewhat stiff.
Redeeming themselves with their slightly nervous yet funny interactions with the crowd between songs it started to become obvious that with more experience this band could grow to be something very powerful.
Each member clearly portrayed their talent with their instruments, and through each song the band remained tight and together and there was no question that they are great at what they do.
Individually the songs are fantastic, but ten in a row can start to blend together and sound the same eventually, and in turn the audience's attention span becomes at stake. Although boring is not a fair word to use for Space Is For Stars, I think they would benefit from a stronger climax or buildup, otherwise they're going to fade into the thousands of other indie rock bands of their kind. Once they find their hook these guys could be playing stadium tours in no time across the world, but before that can happen they need to develop their niche, increase their catchy-ness and set themselves apart from everybody else.
By the end of their set I decided it was clearly the freezing cold weather and the fact that it was only a Thursday night that played part in the empty seats everywhere, as well as the band that took the stage next called Goodbye Glory. They made Space Is For Stars sound like the next Killers.
Definitely a worthwhile listen, I expect we'll be hearing a lot from them in the next couple of years.
Check them out on their myspace.

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