Hope the blizzard didn't get you down.... Saturday Night at the Horseshoe.

For those of you who refused to brave the snow on Saturday night missed out on a worthwhile show at the Horseshoe Tavern in downtown Toronto.
Despite the weather the turn out was really decent for this indie rock show featuring Giant Baby, Shortwave, The Dunes and Framework.
Each band rocked the blizzard, making the wet feet and runny noses well worth it. Shortwave, in particular, put on a fantastic performance getting everybody in the bar moving and grooving.
If you get a chance to see them in Toronto I highly recommend it!

And if you happened to be on the Westbound streetcar early early Sunday morning and caught possibly one of the coolest moments in life as an artist known only as Zeal.. ??? (as far as I know) with guitar in hand got the entire streetcar singing along to Wonderwall by Oasis... It was a damn good drunk heart-warming time!

*pictures coming soon*

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