Move over Screeching Weasel, Illinois has a new punk band in town!

As if there aren't enough already, Illinois has produced it's next Ramones-inspired powerpop-punk band, except this one is actually worth talking about. With their first EP called Analog under their belt in 2008, it sounds like The Fullertons are here and here to stay.
Although they've only been together since late 2006, after listening to the five short tracks you could almost believe that these guys have secretly been around for the past twenty years.
The Fullertons show more similarities to Screeching Weasel than just their Illinois zip code, showing enough potential so early in their careers to follow the footsteps of this legendary punk band and others including Red Scare Record acts Teenage Bottlerocket and The Copyrights. Actually it seems that The Fullertons getting signed by Red Scare Records is the obvious next step. They would fit in like the missing piece of the punk rock puzzle. They even sound like the Swingin' Utters did back in their demo days, do you need any more proof than that!?
Straight up old school pop punk, what else is there to say? The voice is unique enough to set them apart, the music classic enough to get them noticed. It's clear by the few songs that these guys have a lot of talent, and I haven't been able to listen to a single song without bopping up and down in my chair wishing I had an entire dance floor to jump around on (especially the song Bubblegum Girl). I can only imagine that their live show would be on a whole new level of awesome if only I lived closer to see it... what more is there to say about a style that's been done over so many times before, but will never go out of style? They did it, and they did it well.

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