Caustic Casanova

Hailing from Washington DC, one of the latest three piece post rock experimental bands, Caustic Casanova has some big shoes to fill. Up against other hometown heroes like Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Fugazi, CC come out strong with their first full length studio album Imminent Eminence.
Although this is an ambitious album, with incorporation of experimental rock, bossanova beats and a dash of classical finger picked guitar, Caustic Casanova put forth a valiant effort. Taking cues from bands like Queens of the Stone Age, CC uses the back and forth play of ominous ambient sounds and crunchy driving bass lines which kept me interested throughout.
It also contains some tracks that take me back to the days of minimalist moody rock (tracks 2, 6..etc), and I can't help but think that these guys had The Cramps on repeat in the studio while recording the vocals.

After having a full listen to the album, I can't help but feel a little emotionally unstable. Imminent Eminence was a big album with lots of sound. I think CC should have taken a little more time before heading into the studio, taking 7 out of the 14 songs and perfected them to the fullest. Instead of 14 good songs there was potential for 7 GREAT tracks. Not saying that there are not any redeemable qualities about this album, I can tell that these artists care about what they do, there is emotion in every single song. But, with the opportunity to record in the studio, they should have narrowed down the song selection which would have allowed the album to stay a bit more linear.

All in all Caustic Casanova’s Imminent Eminence was an emotionally charge 72Min's of experimental rock, in which I have never experienced. For those of you that like Queens Of the Stone Age, The Cure, Pixies.. etc should definitely take a listen, it will be worth your time!

I'm Chris James Bitch!