on the Attack! Attack!

When I first hit play on Attack! Attack!'s self titled 2008 release I thought for a second that they had tricked me with a Fall Out Boy album and I was piiiissed! As soon as the instruments kicked in though the vocals lost some of their FOB flare and the music stole my heart.
I've been known to go through phases when it comes to the type of music I listen to:
One day I'll love my pop punk to death.
The next I'm screaming gangsta rap all up in yo face.
After that you'll hear me sobbing along to Rufus Wainwright's version of Hallelujah.
And to cheer myself up I'll have a dance party to the Hairspray soundtrack...!
If given the attention span I would probably have 10 different songs playing at once just so I could get enough music packed into each day (so many songs, so little time) and so I could combine all the genres I was itching to hear all into one....

With Attack! Attack! there is no need for those 9 other songs. This new age/post punk/grunge/dance etc etc etc group combines aspects from every which genre to form a frenetic yet subtle masterpiece. It's almost impossible to compare them to other bands, although they remind me of so many that I love they remain so completely unique. Their sound is all over the map yet everything works together to form one with near perfect ratios.
The music can only be described as gutsy, anxious and manic and if you like your music just like your sex ... rough and aggressive ... then you'll love this album. Their only slow song, From Now On, is far from the typical acoustic piece most bands like them pop on their albums to spice things up, yet it's the only number you'll hear them show more of an intimate side to their dramatic ways. A solid effort the whole way through, the band knows how to play with timing, building up and winding down the songs perfectly. A little bit dancy and a little bit rock'n'roll, each member displays their talent as each instrument plays a predominant part in this disjointed work of art. With great back and forth play with the vocals and guitar, the harmonizing tickles an eargasm in me which peaks as the singer belts out each lyric with all his might and all his heart.
Don't be stupid.
Check this band out... right now.
(not to be confused with the other 2 bands with the same name...)

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