Uncharted but Undeniably Good (part one)

We've all heard more than our fair share of singer/songwriters on the scene in the past few years, and the number of them trying to push their way to stardom is only growing ... yet few stand to measure up to these two young men, both of which made me stop dead in my tracks after hearing their beautiful voices, actually startled at the undeniable talent exuding from them.

First let me introduce you to Nevershoutnever!, aka 17 year old (holy crap!) Christofer Drew Ingle, who has been making music under this name only since September 2007. By far one of the most compelling storytellers through his soft, sincere vocals and cute, yet coy guitar riffs. The mastermind is teaming up with Forrest Kline (Hellogoodbye)for his debut album, set to release in May. Sounds similar to The Early November's Mother album, part of The Mother, The Mechanic, and the Path 3CD.
For more information and tour dates click here.

Second-of-ly is Carter Hulsey, the main ingredient in my daily playlist and the only man with the ability to make me smile simply with the sweetness radiating in his voice! I don't know what it is about this boy, but when I am listening to him it feels like I'm floating in a dream and I never want to wake up. What a big powerful voice for such a small, pretty boy!
For those of you familiar with local Toronto/BC act Birds of Wales, Carter has a very similar, beautiful sound. As he sings the build up in his voice makes you shake with anticipation of him hitting those high notes that your ears are craving to hear... you know he has it in him but he teases you and stays soft and low... but eventually as the song comes to an end he finally gives you a taste of what you've been dying for... let's just say it's basically orgasmic, bottom line, especially in the song Before We Go Down (video below!). Hot. That's all I can say. Pants-wetting hot!

Both boys, although competing in the same genre with endless rivalries, bring something new to the table... something different... something unique... with original melodies and verses to keep you guessing, their music leaves you wanting to hear more, never blending in with other artists of its kind. Not to mention both are amazing lyricists, writing words that will make you weak in the knees.
Check them out, if you don't I can guarantee you'll be hearing them everywhere very soon, and you'll look like a huge asshole not knowing all the words!

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