Green River Ordinance...

It may not be a common household name just yet, but after their debut release on Virgin Records titled Out Of My Hands, adding to their 2 other For Mona releases since 2003, I have a feeling even your six year old brother who still listens to the Barney soundtrack (is that even still on?) will know who they are by the end of the summer. Following the footsteps left behind by The Fray and OneRebuplic in the last couple of years, GRO pumps out radio/piano rock in a style similar to a younger, poppier, and less godly Switchfoot. Comparable also to Matchbox 20, Stabilo, and even Vertical Horizon if you remember them from back in the day (my day), they even seem to come close to a really commercial Jimmy Eat World at their best.
Although I've never heard this band before now, every song sounds eerily all to familiar, and catchy choruses prove it easy to sing along to instantly like you've known the song for years. Although at times almost painfully typical, there is a twinge of country throughout the album setting it apart, and the vocals belt out heart-wrenching lyrics in a way that defeats any comparison.
Keep an ear out for these guys if you like any of the bands mentioned above.

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