Halfdown Thomas... I may be rude but I'm funny.

So I'm sitting here listening to what sounds like the new Godsmack album and like, wow, talk about blast from the past.. and one of the most emburrassing phases of my past at that.
Something sounds a little off with this album, it's a little softer the whole way through, more melodic but the vocals still scream Sully. More radio friendly, this album titled Beautifully Strange really takes a cue from the other popular radio rock my cock rock music of today, combining all the necessary ingredients... a dash of Nickelback, a sprinkle of Pearl Jam, a smidgen of Seether, and a few shakes of Hinder and Three Days Grace. The secret ingredient is a combination of the harder, darker Drowning Pool and the lighter, softer Eve 6. Bingo, you have yourself another shitty rock band!
Okay okay, it's not that it's a shitty album, it is Godsmack after all isn't it?!
Musically the album is actually pretty solid, whipping out a few guitar solo's here and there, Kroeger'ing those vocals up nice and purty, and even some undeniable head banging moments... what more can you ask for?
Not my cup of tea, I mean I thought Godsmack's time was done with the 90's, but considering how popular Nickelback is now aday's (I mean seriously people WHAT THE FUCK) I'm sure the new Godsmack album will... oh my, wait a minute... my bad... this isn't a Godsmack album at all... it's actually Halfdown Thomas... how embarrassing... I just... The vocals... It sounded... Yikes.

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