The Further Adventures of The Los Straitjackets...

What the hell!
I have never heard anything like this.
It's crazy.
Surf revival instrumental garage rock?
Say Whaaaaaaat!!!
This band dates all the way back to 1988, formed in Nashville, Tennessee, and they are still around with their latest release The Further Adventures Of... a back-to-basics album that nixed guest vocals and horns in favour of the Straitjacket's core-rocking guitar sound.

Similar Artists: Reverend Horton Heat, The Hellecasters, Kustard Kings

Susan Marshall sings her Little Red heart out...

What a voice!
This soulful, bluesy, jazzy folk rock chick can sure belt out a line, proving that Memphis is just full of fucking wicked talent. This is her third release and it features guests such as Lucinda Williams, Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs) and Teenie Hodges (Al Green sideman).

Similar Artists: Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Roberta Flack, Lucinda Williams

Paper Route - Absense

Introducing the debut album from Paper Route, an indie electronic new wave post-punk revival band from Nashville. Together since 2004, this album has no Absense of masterpieces, each song exploding with a variety of instruments (piano, harmonica, synth etc) to combine melodies and build up into something brilliant every step of the way. Ch-Ch-Check it out yo!

Similar Artists: Copeland, The Postal Service, Stars of Track and Field, The Fray, Frou Frou, Imogen Heap

So Many Dynamos - The Loud Wars

Looking for something new, fun and out there? Well look no further. The Loud Wars is the third release for this indie/post-rock/experimental band, and their first to release on Vagrant Records. It's definitely something to check out.
Need more info? Their myspace bio says it best, written by Matt Lemay:
If you have any doubts, wait until the first chorus of “Artifacts of Sound” kicks in. It’s the triumph of the improbable chord change; the moment when the frenetic interplay of the song’s opening verse coalesces into a single walloping gesture. These are songs born of hypnotic repetition and herky-jerk structural discontinuity, unstoppable momentum and haunted ambiance. Produced with detail and nuance by Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) and mixed with force and consideration by Alex Newport (The Mars Volta), The Loud Wars captures both the band’s energy and their intricacy.
Lyrically, The Loud Wars obsesses over the physics and the metaphysics of sound. Musically, it follows suit—every piece of sonic ear candy has its function towards making the album more coherent and purposeful. The game over-screen introduction to “The Novelty of Haunting” is a clever and apt introduction to a song about being dead, but also the perfect setup for an indelible and melodically sly verse. Epic album closer “The Formula” really has no business staying interesting for over six minutes, but there are enough ebbs and flows— subtle sonic maneuvers that make way for substantial textural and structural changes—that it never loses its hold. Guitar and keyboard lines from past songs resurrected, played backwards, and seamlessly recontextualized, exemplifying an approach that is both playful and considered. The details are always engrossing, the big picture always compelling.

Similar Artists: Les Savy Fav, The Dismemberment Plan, We Versus the Shark, Hot Hot Heat

Ben Lee's rebirth!

The Rebirth of Venus, is the most recent release from Australia singer/songwriter Ben Lee. Unlike his other work, this album is a more estrogen driven ode to gender ambiguity. Ben is able to do this while sustaining his happy–go–lucky blends of pop music and his even better sense of sing–a–long capability. He makes it difficult to hate is peachy tunes.

Similar Artists: Elliott Smith, Wintersleep, Pony up!

Mike Jones is The Voice

The self referencing rapper is back. That's right, MIKE JONES is back with his second release The Voice. The follow up to Who Is Mike Jones brings just as much swagger with even more freewheeling confidence to the table. Needless to say this album wont feel about of place at the club or even pumping out your car speakers. If you don't know Mike Jones now, you wont forget the name after taking a listen to this album

Similar Artists: Young Jeezy, Paul Wall, Slim Thug

Immaculate album for Immaculate Machine

High on Jackson Hill is the 3rd full length album for this British Columbia trio. As before, Immaculate Machine are able to bring the indie vintage rock sound with sheer sophistication. A simple and lovely album, good for a summer in the sun.

Similar Artists: New Pornographers, The Shins, Magnetic Fields, The Stars

Mike Hale with Lives Like Mine

Mike Hale may not look it, but he has a voice of an angel! Lives Like Mine is the sophomore album from this acoustic heavy-hearted man. Well constructed songs, amazing harmonies and simple melodies that leave the listener in goose bumps!

Similar Artists: City & Colour, Dashboard Confessional

Ben Folds presents University A Capella!

University A Capella is the most recent release from singer/pianist Ben Folds. This is his first record where he took the reigns as producer for most of the tracks. This album is full of creativity and mass amounts of originality, using some lesser known young vocal ensembles to add a fuller sound to his quirky and playful pop rock stylings. Not the most innovative piece of material to come out this year, but definitely not something to look past.

Similar Artists: Fastball, The New Radicals, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Ben Kweller, The Eels

Rockin' Romance... cutest pop/punk covers of top 40 love songs!!!

1 Runner Runner - She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)
2 Goodnight Sunrise - With You (Jessica Simpson)
3 A Change of Pace - Summer Girls (LFO)
4 The Arrival - Kiss From A Rose (Seal)
5 The Real You - Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys)
6 Let's Get It - All My Life (K-Ci and JoJo)
7 Love Me Electric - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
8 Daphne Loves Derby - At Last (Etta James)
9 New Heights - Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis)
10 The Scene Aesthetic - Love Story (Taylor Swift)
11 Moneta - 1000 Miles (Vanessa Carlton)
12 Destiny Worldwide - Trade It All (Fabolous ft. Diddy)

If the track listing isn't enough to peak your interests then click here and listen to a few of the covers, including the best cover of Taylor Swift's Love Story I've ever heard, then you're going to peak all over everybody! ;)

NOFX are back ... again... is anybody surprised?

Never been the biggest fan, but this album titled Coaster sounds like pretty typical NOFX to me, from songs about being abandoned by his father to mistaking Tegan for Sarah backstage at a concert...
Check out what has to say about the album:
After 25 years in the game, NOFX are still going and are still as bratty as ever, sneering as they tackle their favorite subjects: drinking ("The Quitter," "I Am an Alcoholic," "First Call"), anti-religion ("Best God in Show," "Blasphemy [The Victimless Crime]"), and anti-patriotism ("We Called It America," "Suits and Ladders"). Nothing new there, but along with well-trodden themes of partying, agnosticism, and clever observations about their scene, there's a big departure this time around that comes in the form of "My Orphan Year." Fat Mike is at his most confessional in a rare, sincere, Barbara Walters moment, wherein he opens up his journal to the dark days with remorseful lyrics about the death of his parents. He reveals himself as a true sad-faced clown tormented by inner demons more than a few times on Coaster, admitting, "I didn't try pot 'til I was 21 but now I'm overcompensating" and "My friends are telling me that I need to find a clinic, but I won't, cuz I'm a drug-addicted alcoholic." Life as a pill-popping punk rocker might be taking its toll with age, but when the mood is light, Mike and the group are as funny as ever. Prior to a song about the breakup of Iron Maiden ("Bruce, Eddie, and Paul"), complete with dueling guitar harmonies and a pretty bad Bruce Dickinson impersonation, there's an autobiographical account (probably) of first meeting and talking about Jennifer Tilly with either Tegan or Sara (Mike couldn't tell) of Tegan and Sara, before spooking her severely with talk of drugs and sex ("Creeping Out Sara"). As a whole, it's not one of their best records, considering the size of their discography, but it's not a bad little record. Fans will like it since the band is still shining as a tight unit and hasn't lost a step musically, but at the same time, if shoppers are also considering Backstage Pass, the NOFX tour documentary DVD released around the same time, that packs more bang for the buck in the extras alone.


The Audition... dun dun duuun!

The Audition are back with rising popularity since last years spot on the Vans Warped Tour, and, of course, their third studio release.
I haven't actually heard either of the older albums in their entirety, but I have listened to a lot of their shit and I have always loved it. They are dancy, grimy, and sing about sex in like half their songs... what more could I ask for?
I can feel my temperature rising as I listen to the first few tracks off the new record, which continue to honor their dancy pop punk style and unique dramatic vocals. The lyrics aren't as sexually driven in this album as the other songs I've heard before, but I guess I can't complain about that. The second track switches it up a bit by introducing a heavy beginning that splurges into indie, upbeat, groovy jazz beats and a funky breakdown somewhere near the middle. Somewhere around the third song the band starts to incorporate some very commercial choruses with the bump and grind of the verse, and here is where it all goes down hill...
Although the following six tracks each have a little something something to offer, be it a trip back to their cute emo roots, or beautiful vocal harmonies, and even some clap clap clapping in the end, I find these songs to be almost painfully commercial guitar driven rock songs, and after a while the gimmicky vocals start to sound the same in each song and I grow very very tired of hearing it. It's almost as if they use the same guitar riffs for each chorus in the last couple songs, lacking much variety, and when the music is not at it's best the vocals become irritating.
Sorry guys. Solid effort in the beginning but maybe this should have been an EP?

Similar Artists: The Academy Is..., The New Cities, Panic at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday

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Bob Dylan - Together Through Life

The man of my dreams has done it again. Bob Dylan has just released yet another masterpiece (what else could come out of that beautiful man) and boy can he still rock it. Like the last this album this has jazz lounge kind of feel to it, with a lot of guitar parts hitting up great, classic rock solos, and of course still reppin' the beautiful harmonica and even an accordion in parts? (I may be mistaken...)
While his whine is replaced by rasp I still stand firm that he sounds just as hot as ever, and doling out sensitive love songs only burrows him deeper into my heart <3.
Although, the older he gets the more I can't shake seeing old people dancing in a nursing home, awkwardly trying not to fall or break a bone while jiving along at snail speed whenever I listen to his newer songs.

Similar Artists: Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen

Cocktail Slippers - Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

An energetic, freewheeling all female pop/rock group playing fun "shalala"-like 50's pop with a twist of Ramones-style punk.

Similar Artists: The Pipettes, The B-52's, The Go-Go's, Blondie, MC5

Animals As Leaders

Quite the mixture of ambient, instrumental and experimental metal with a crazy good guitarist pumping out heavy jazz fusion.

Similar Artists: Jeff Beck, Scale the Summit, Tetrafusion, Cynic, Between the Buried and Me

A Camp - Colonia

Featuring Nina Persson (The Cardigans), Niclas Frisk (Atomic Swing) and Nathan Larson (Shudder To Think), this quirky yet sweet album is instrumentally packed showcasing violins, pianos etc. throughout the album. Produced by Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse. A perfect dose of pretty, indie pop/rock to chill out to.

Similar Artists: Sing-Sing, Juliana Hatfield, Sparklehorse, Beth Orton, The Cardigans

Metric's new album is definitely not part of my Fantasies.

Who’d you rather be? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Oh seriously,”
I will tell you who I would rather be... Anyone but myself listening to this garbage!
At first I had high hopes for this album, after having some luck with Old World Underground and Live It Out. But I was quickly disappointed with Metric’s most recent release, Fantasies. From start to finish this album is lacking creativity, passion and the all important hook, but it's full of the whiny vocal stylings of Emily "Hopeless Romantic" Haines. I will give her credit where credit is due, and yes she can construct a lyrically well written song, but when it sounds like crying in the microphone it doesn’t make me want to continue to listen. I tip my hat to the band as they have perfected the new wave sound of the 21st century, but FYI it has been done... by you... in 2003!
It just seems as though Metric is riding on the coattails of the hipster crowd they once controlled.
Sadly, this band is pushed as a huge Canadian product, when half of this Canadian band was actually formed in New York, with some of the members residing in the US. Which means that Metric is not really a huge Canadian band... but a small time artsy New York band that has made it big in Canada, thanks to the ever expanding hipster cult following of Toronto.
This is really sad to see when there are great all Canadian bands with female leads, ones that have a similar yet much more real/believable sound. Just like London ON's own The Weekend. With the perfect blend of fast paced pop music and catchy-as-hell lyrics, makes me wonder why we as Canadians are pushing the hell out of Metric, but when asked if they've heard of The Weekend the only response is “you mean Saturday?”
The only saving grace from this album was the first and probably only single Gimme Sympathy, which is full of hooks and a catchy, danceable beat. Releasing the only song that has single potential seems like a good idea off the bat, but all good things must come to an end. And hopefully Metric will meet this doom sooner rather than later.

It's Chris James Bitch!

Ida Maria, I'm pretty sure I'd like you better when you're naked too.

When I first heard the low raspy female rocker singing about liking him so much better when he's naked I was floored... this ballsy Norwegian broad has captured my entire dating history in one song, and it's catchy as shit with a groovy bass line and a breakdown that forces your feet to move to the beat. Needless to say I'm in love. This one song took up 80% of my Ipod's battery power for an entire month before I decided I probably should see what else my new idol had to offer.
Her debut album (Fortress Round My Heart) although released July 2008, has just gained recognition and radio play in Canada/US recently. Although the single "Better When You're Naked" offers to give female pop punk a new 'tough as nails' makeover, the rest of the album doesn't exactly follow close behind. Playing right into the angst-ridden women songwriters club that is dominated by artists like Regina Spektor and newbie Kelsey Wild, the rest of her album has a few too many slow heart-wrenching pieces of artistically written emotional cries for attention than I expected. With the potential to become the edgier version of Kate Nash with her faster tracks, Ida unfortunately falls short where Kate has enough upbeat, and more importantly happy, tunes to keep your attention focused and your feet moving. Instead, Ida packs full her album with slower cries of heartbreak that threaten listeners to keel over crying with every other song. Ida simply did not deliver the impression that her single promises; instead of an empowering, 'girls rule and boys drool' girly Punk-Rawk album it proved to be more of a bitter plea for love, (ex:"I call you up to say I love you, you only call me when you're drunk." -- Track #6 Forgive Me.) just like every other sorry sad sack floozy has to offer. Can you say OVER IT!
At this point it sounds like I hated the album. This isn't the case, I'm sorry to mislead you. Disappointed in it? YES. Hated it? NO. Why not? you might ask, considering all the previous evidence that is enough to condemn the album to the bottom of my garbage. I'll tell you why not... despite the majority of the album sucking the life out of me there are a few songs that completely redeem this doughy-eyed brunette, and they are as follows:
Track #7 Queen Of The World. The very first line is "Whiskey please, I need some whiskey please"... and it is far from sad and lonely. When the bongo-like drums kick in the song quickly picks up the pace and immediately makes me regret talking so much shit about the album already, and aside from the vocals it even reminds me of something the fantastic band Fake Problems would play.
Track #8 Louie. Again she comes at you with an upbeat melody about alcohol consumption, something about always being drunk (here here!) where she shows a less aggressive side of her voice and amazing range.
Track #9 Drive Away My Heart manages to keep the pace but regretfully reverts back to the woe is me crap singing "love will be my grave"... where is that dominating diva I once envisioned!?
With influences stemming from Siouxie and the Banshee's and The Cardigans, Ida still manages to earn my respect, especially through that voice of hers. Although very similar to those mentioned earlier (Spektor, Wild, Nash) she exudes a sort of sexy crackle that is enough to give even this girl a half wood.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Lucero @ The Horseshoe Tavern, Sunday April 12th!

For those of you suckers who were swept up in your Easter festivities on Sunday and missed Lucero at the Horseshoe... SUCKS TO BE YOU! :)
Despite the holiday the venue was as crowded as the subway during rush hour. Playing an even mix of new songs and old, the unmistakable vocals of Ben Nichols somehow sounded identical live as on album, yet still exuded with the passion and purity of hearing him sing before your eyes. The whiskey lovin', burly Southern rockers weren't as plastered as you would usually find them on stage yet they still were able to make the most of the smallish set up and roped the audience in with enough drunken emotion to last for months. Song after song the floor around the stage filled up with more puddles of beer and empty bottles than an Irish pub on St. Patty's day, and the rare bouts of cold AC air were a brief savior from the mucky, hot, sweaty atmosphere which proved inescapable no matter where in the venue you were. People crowded together, swinging and swaying, along to each country alt punk rock tune equipped with jazzy interludes, and nobody seemed to mind being forced to breathe down each others necks while they were mesmerized by Lucero's mere presence on stage. I can honestly say this was one of THE sweatiest 19+ shows I have ever experienced, and I loved every second of it!
The entire set can only be described as perfect, and I say that while still acknowledging Ben's slight mix-up with the words to one song, praising the audience for knowing the lyrics better than he did and laughing it off, jumping right back into the chorus ever so suave. Towards the end they played a couple of slower songs with just vocals accompanied by one guitar and two keyboards. One of those tunes also included an accordion, and near the end spiraled into dueling keyboard solo's with each instrument playing back and forth answering each other like a battle between guitars in Crossroads. RESPECT! Tracks My Best Girl and Sweet Little Thing sent the audience wild, and had some even managing to crowd surf past the low ceiling fans, only threatening to knock it down a few times! Ending their decently long set with more beautiful piano, the boys were back out seconds later to really end the night with a few encores and I'm sure more than a few tears.
Until next time Lucero!


I'm Sarah. I Do What I Want.

Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour 2009!!!

The evening kicked off with Ernie Ball Battle of the Band winners... who unfortunately I missed because I have to work a "real" job by day and couldn't make it in time... I heard them playing as I walked towards the venue and you know what, it sounded pretty darn good! I guess that's why they won...
Four Year Strong from Worcester, Massachusetts, exploded onto the stage next, throwing a shit ton of energy in everyone's faces to start the night off Strong. Immediately interacting with the audience and getting the crowd moving effortlessly, turning the room into a whirlwind of bright purples and blues, the tell tale sign of FYS fans! These guys have gained popularity at light speed in Canada, virtually unknown this time last year they had almost every kid singing along to every word at a show that is typically not a place for a poppier punk band... Poppy is a stretch for their performance last night though, they managed to blend right into the hardcore lineup with a heavier, louder, and more intense spin on their almost radio-friendly songs, incorporating beefier breakdowns and losing some of their softer vocals for better suited growls. They even broke into Slayer's Reign In Blood as a segway into my personal favourite of theirs, Beatdown In The Key Of Happy. It was LEGEND - wait for it .... wait for it .... - ARY! With a whopping three members rotating lead vocals their set was visually stimulating to say the least, with the keyboardist rocking out the hardest; whether at the keys or on the mic or just doing shit all he held my attention at gun point the entire time!

Before you knew it Four Year Strong were over and right on schedule the room erupted in chaos as Pierce The Veil broke out onto the stage, AND ONTO TABLES! My preconceived notion of tables being a ridiculous stage prop were tossed onto the floor with all the empty beer cups as both the bassist and the guitarist hopped up and down effortlessly and towered over the crowd, not missing a note or a step, rocking out harder than most can manage on solid ground. The bassist was even running on the spot, on the table, whilst playing at one point.... holy jesus! Although this was the first Canadian tour ever for this San Diego band, they are far from unknown in Toronto. The singer managed to charm the socks off the crowd instantly and had almost everybody screaming for them after the first song before making his way onto a table as well to take rocking out to new heights! Three guys. Three guitars (inc. bass). Two tables. The only ingredients needed to create one of the best live shows I've seen... even the hearing impaired would have been blown away with their performance last night! Frequently sounding to me like Mars Volta, more specifically something off of De-loused in the Comatorium, I became an instant fan, and even spicing up the set with samples of top 40 hits including Lady GaGa's Poker Face and Beyonce's All The Single Ladies, and ending their set with a bang with an amazing rendition of Michael Jackson's Beat It, which can be found on their myspace.

Next came home town favourites, the Cancer Bats. And welcome to Headbanging 101, please take a seat! With the bands growing heavier and heavier as the night progressed (so wait, why is Thursday headlining again?) each group upped the ante when it comes to energy on stage, and although the CB guitarists were bound to the spot by the pure insanity that they had to play, the singer was able to bring it enough for the rest of them. Back and forth across the stage, only stopping his legs to bang his head, and back and forth, back and forth. With amazing chemistry between him and the audience, the singer was just eaten up by his fans throughout the set. Although there was less to see visually otherwise, the fast paced fingers of each member on their instruments still kept the audience mesmerised and the energy level was through the roof, by no means diminishing with the time. As soon as the second song there were kids limping out of the pit, covered in sweat and shit eating grins. Definitely responsible for one of the biggest crowds of the night, the Kool Haus was torn apart during Lucifer's Rocking Chair and Hail Destroyer, with kids tripping over themselves to get to the middle fast enough to throw down or punch floors or mow the lawn or whatever it is they do in there. Intense. That's the only way to describe it. Intensely fucking wicked that is!

From the second that Bring Me The Horizon set foot on stage it was obvious who should have headlined the show. The UK band "faced" (scratch moted) literally every other band before them with the deafening screams of their fans, even trumping Toronto's very own Cancer Bats with the largest audience of the night. Really fucking tight right off the back, their performance ruptured the Kool Haus with such intensity and passion that the band sounded like a symphony of guitars, when in reality the five-piece was made up of only two guitarists creating the fierce harmonies. Despite the miles of ocean separating the band from pretty much everyone in the venue, every single person seemed to know every fucking word to every fucking song, creating almost a cult-like atmosphere around the stage and particularly around their singer who was idolized like a God. Something about them brought me back to the days of the Refused, which in turn brought a tear of joy to my eye. BMTH were the perfect band to tear up the stages after Cancer Bats, with more headbanging and once again increasing the energy in the room to keep the crowd alive and pumped for.... Thursday? (Whomp whomp). With crazy drum influenced break downs this set was definitely a hardcore kid's wet dream. Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil came back out on stage to help sing one of the songs, and shortly after the set was ended with the very popular myspace exclusive track Chelsea Smile, which set the crowd on fire and proved to be, for most, the high note to end the night on.

Time check: 9:45pm. The show was literally right on schedule, which is very rare, and approximately 50% (and I'm being generous) of the people were pouring OUT of the Kool Haus, not even bothering to stay for our very own Canadian band who could once almost sell out that very same venue. Another 50% of the remaining audience appeared to be in line for the Cancer Bats signing, and from the looks of it they all left immediately after too. I repeat... Whomp Whomp. Fortunately for Thursday the dismal crowd that was left all sounded very stoked on seeing them... there till the bitter end! The spastic singer started off with enough energy to convince me to nod my head along at the very least (if you haven't noticed already Thursday is not a band that I'm particularly fond of) but my eyes remained on bassist Manny Carrero from Saves The Day and Glassjaw throughout the entire set as he bumped and grinded his way around the stage. The drummer also caught my attention with his mad skills, proving to be the backbone of their performance. The singer was an irritating site on stage, conveniently posing on his knees directly in front of the video cameras down below for a close up profile, and the soft whine of his voice was either putting me to sleep, or sending me running for the bar. To be fair though he did keep the energy going, although not that it was very necessary with the few people left. Their saving grace was the many dedications to good causes including Shirts For A Cure which I highly urge everybody to check out. Contrary to Bring Me The Horizon's singer Oli Sykes being treated like a God by his fans, Thursday's singer Geoff Rickly clearly thought he was God but it wasn't from the audience's point of view. *cough*LOSER*uncough*. In order to keep the children amused a bunch of black balls were tossed into the audience which just served for a pleasant distraction from the band on stage. It remains a mystery why Thursday was chosen to headline, although I think the tour just rotates the lineup each show... but at the same time it was very convenient for them to play last so that nobody had to suffer through them waiting for any of the good bands playing! Thursday was definitely the weakest link of the 2009 Rockstar Taste of Chaos... Goodbye!

Rockstar Energy Drink
Taste of Chaos
Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands
Four Year Strong
Pierce The Veil
Bring Me The Horizon
Cancer Bats
Shirts For A Cure

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Chris Like-ee Lykke Li!

Yeah, I know this is just a little bit late, but it’s definitely worth a word or two. Youth Novels is the first and hopefully not last album from a sassy yet innocent Swedish singer by the name of Lykke Li. From start to finish, this album is a dynamic, graceful and super quirky piece of music bliss. With the combination of gentle vocals that at times are masked with the use of a megaphone and instruments such as lutes and accordions, makes the listener think to themselves “what’s next”.
Introducing us to eccentric danceable tracks like I’m Good, I’m Gone and Breaking It Up makes me instantly think of past relationships that went a-rye and smile about it. At the same time Ms. Li is able to expose both sides of the love spectrum with the playful track A Little Bit, where she expresses her coy yet uncontrollable lust for her significant other. FYI this track is also available as a duet with the UK rapper Drake, which is featured on his “So Far Gone” mixtape.
Throughout Youth Novels you are taken on a musical odyssey, with moments of bass, synth and heavy electro woven in and out of basic instrumental tracks such as Spanish guitar and horns among others. Honourable mentions to the electro chic slap-in-the-mouth song Complaint Department, which is now my facebook status!!!JKS!! Also I can’t forget the minimalist sounds of Dance Dance Dance, in which we see that playful side again with lines like "my hips they lie/cause in reality I'm shy shy shy”.
I can’t say enough good things about this album. With all the trash female artist that are on the charts these days, it’s nice to see that there are still those legitimate singer/songwriters that care more about selling music and not selling an image *cough cough* B.spears/L.GaGa/PCD*cough cough*
For those who like Sia, Imogen Heap, Feist etc etc...
If you can’t get enough Lykke Li, have a look here for remix tracks provided by a group called The Hood Internet.

It's Chris James Bitch!

Listen! Listen! Listen!

To these guys:
With The Punches
There's only a few songs to tease the shit out of you but fuck it's good.
Come to Canada!!

And... for those lighter moods
Really freakin' cute.

Norglen/Benefit of a Doubt/Life in Sound @ Revival Friday April 3rd

Friday's show started off on a high note with a band called Life in Sound, apparently hailing from close by in Burlington, ON, this lesser-known band really made it's mark on the Revival stage. The band as a whole sounded like an unlikely yet delicious mix of Moneen and Angels & Airwaves, and throughout the set contained a range of similarities to bands such as Jacks Mannequin/Something Corporate, Evanescence and Our Lady Peace... only despite the fact that some/all of these bands I'm comparing them to are kind of shitty I don't mean that LIS sounded exactly like any of them, only certain aspects in certain songs, and in the best way possible. So cool your jets haters. Smile! Anyway, I loved this band. They sounded like they belonged in the spotlight at massive stadium shows already. The vocal effects sounded great and the singer sang every song with true emotion. Each member was oozing with talent, and I loved the singer/piano player dynamic especially because he was still rocking out!
Every single song was epic in it's own way, think... Car Commercial Epic! My favourite part was hands down the bow on the bass in the second song, that was fucking cool dudes. Work it!
If you want to check them out they are playing Toronto again on April 10th at Mitzi's Sister.

The second band, Benefit of a Doubt, was less than stellar in comparison although the singer's attitude on stage seemed to scream "I'm hot shit". I usually like a bit of cockiness, but if you're going to talk the talk then you have to walk the walk... and the singer maybe took one step away from the mic the entire show making for some very boring presence on stage. NOT hot shit! Not to say they didn't have talent, but the rock they were emitting was all too typical and far too repetitive (postcard postcard postcard postcard postcard). Everything sounded too familiar despite the fact that I had never heard them before, and the music as well as the band felt very controlled the entire set. Come on boys, let loose! Have some fun! Reminding me of Serial Joe back in the day, and a little bit of a poppier Sherwood now, this band seems fitting for easy rock radio, but I wouldn't see them again unless they livened up their performance and their songs a bit.

And then came Norglen, a band I know absolutely nothing about yet they seem to be fairly big in whatever part of the world they are from... and while currently touring through Canada even brought a decent turn out to the Revival in shitty weather. That must say something about them!
From the moment they hit the stage they had amazing energy, especially the lead guitarist who kicked major ass and was so mesmerizing to watch that the rest of the band could have left the stage and I probably wouldn't have noticed! The levels must have been off for the vocals though, or the singer was just whispering too quietly because I could barely hear him above the instruments, which was disappointing. From what I could hear he sounded a lot like the band Wheatus who had that one hit wonder called Teenage Dirtbag, baby! Either way, audible or not he had a good face so that was worth watching ;) and was a lot more appealing when he was holding a guitar. All in all the band reminded me of a heavier James Blunt... one song sounded like that New Radicals song where they are in the mall in the video... another sounded like Matchbox 20... and yet another song about an older sexy woman sounded like it took a cue from the classic Stacey's Mom. I'm pretty sure they even did a wicked Strokes cover to top it all off. I was a little confused at one point when I heard piano in the song but didn't see anybody playing... WEIRD? Or was I just drunk? I doubt that was the case when the beer was $6.50/bottle!
Ghost on piano or not, they put on a successful show and the crowd seemed to love it.
They're still on tour so check them out near you!

(I have pictures but I'm having trouble with them so they may take a while to put up, sorry!)

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Junos 2009

Does it make anybody else sick that Nickelback took home half the awards this year, yet again.. I find that even more disgusting than Chad Kroeger's attempt at straightening his hair for the occasion.
Come on Canada, do you really want that greasy redneck and his cock rock music representing us year after year? Do you really think that THAT is the best music we have here? No wonder the rest of the world sees Canadians the way they do... I mean, who the hell is picking these winners, the Canadian Cougar Association? (And I'm not referring to the cats.)

Sorry, I don't usually even watch the Juno's but I happened to catch it this year and I easily remembered why I never watch it... because bands like Nickelback always take home the top prizes. Blerg! I'm insulted on behalf of all the real musicians out there.. ANYWAY... there were actually some pretty okay moments of this years show though and the top three are as follows:

1. Sam Roberts won Artist of the Year. The look on Sam Roberts face when he won was absolutely wonderful; he was actually shocked that his name was called and was visibly dazed walking to the stage. Immediately he pointed out that the entire band was Sam Roberts, and without them there would be no Sam Roberts, and finished by praising the artists he was up against considering it was a stacked list of nominees including Bryan Adams. Although not the biggest fan I was thrilled to see them take this award home, and it warmed my heart that you could actually see it in their faces that this meant the world to them, and unlike stupid Nickelback they didn't have the air of arrogance like they deserved it.

2. Bryan Adams/Kathleen Edwards performing Walk On By. Utterly amazing. With Edwards on violin, Adams on guitar and the duo sharing one mic, the chemistry between the two was undeniable and added a lot to the performance. She even managed to crack Bryan Adams up mid-lyric and he flawlessly managed to pull himself together within seconds, which made for a very heartwarming and beautiful performance.

3. City & Colour featuring Gord Downie. Those who know me personally know that I actually quite despise both those artists, but let me tell you I was literally BLOWN AWAY by their performance. So much that I'm posting a video of it below because everybody needs to see/hear it.