The Audition... dun dun duuun!

The Audition are back with rising popularity since last years spot on the Vans Warped Tour, and, of course, their third studio release.
I haven't actually heard either of the older albums in their entirety, but I have listened to a lot of their shit and I have always loved it. They are dancy, grimy, and sing about sex in like half their songs... what more could I ask for?
I can feel my temperature rising as I listen to the first few tracks off the new record, which continue to honor their dancy pop punk style and unique dramatic vocals. The lyrics aren't as sexually driven in this album as the other songs I've heard before, but I guess I can't complain about that. The second track switches it up a bit by introducing a heavy beginning that splurges into indie, upbeat, groovy jazz beats and a funky breakdown somewhere near the middle. Somewhere around the third song the band starts to incorporate some very commercial choruses with the bump and grind of the verse, and here is where it all goes down hill...
Although the following six tracks each have a little something something to offer, be it a trip back to their cute emo roots, or beautiful vocal harmonies, and even some clap clap clapping in the end, I find these songs to be almost painfully commercial guitar driven rock songs, and after a while the gimmicky vocals start to sound the same in each song and I grow very very tired of hearing it. It's almost as if they use the same guitar riffs for each chorus in the last couple songs, lacking much variety, and when the music is not at it's best the vocals become irritating.
Sorry guys. Solid effort in the beginning but maybe this should have been an EP?

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