Chris Like-ee Lykke Li!

Yeah, I know this is just a little bit late, but it’s definitely worth a word or two. Youth Novels is the first and hopefully not last album from a sassy yet innocent Swedish singer by the name of Lykke Li. From start to finish, this album is a dynamic, graceful and super quirky piece of music bliss. With the combination of gentle vocals that at times are masked with the use of a megaphone and instruments such as lutes and accordions, makes the listener think to themselves “what’s next”.
Introducing us to eccentric danceable tracks like I’m Good, I’m Gone and Breaking It Up makes me instantly think of past relationships that went a-rye and smile about it. At the same time Ms. Li is able to expose both sides of the love spectrum with the playful track A Little Bit, where she expresses her coy yet uncontrollable lust for her significant other. FYI this track is also available as a duet with the UK rapper Drake, which is featured on his “So Far Gone” mixtape.
Throughout Youth Novels you are taken on a musical odyssey, with moments of bass, synth and heavy electro woven in and out of basic instrumental tracks such as Spanish guitar and horns among others. Honourable mentions to the electro chic slap-in-the-mouth song Complaint Department, which is now my facebook status!!!JKS!! Also I can’t forget the minimalist sounds of Dance Dance Dance, in which we see that playful side again with lines like "my hips they lie/cause in reality I'm shy shy shy”.
I can’t say enough good things about this album. With all the trash female artist that are on the charts these days, it’s nice to see that there are still those legitimate singer/songwriters that care more about selling music and not selling an image *cough cough* B.spears/L.GaGa/PCD*cough cough*
For those who like Sia, Imogen Heap, Feist etc etc...
If you can’t get enough Lykke Li, have a look here for remix tracks provided by a group called The Hood Internet.

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