Lucero @ The Horseshoe Tavern, Sunday April 12th!

For those of you suckers who were swept up in your Easter festivities on Sunday and missed Lucero at the Horseshoe... SUCKS TO BE YOU! :)
Despite the holiday the venue was as crowded as the subway during rush hour. Playing an even mix of new songs and old, the unmistakable vocals of Ben Nichols somehow sounded identical live as on album, yet still exuded with the passion and purity of hearing him sing before your eyes. The whiskey lovin', burly Southern rockers weren't as plastered as you would usually find them on stage yet they still were able to make the most of the smallish set up and roped the audience in with enough drunken emotion to last for months. Song after song the floor around the stage filled up with more puddles of beer and empty bottles than an Irish pub on St. Patty's day, and the rare bouts of cold AC air were a brief savior from the mucky, hot, sweaty atmosphere which proved inescapable no matter where in the venue you were. People crowded together, swinging and swaying, along to each country alt punk rock tune equipped with jazzy interludes, and nobody seemed to mind being forced to breathe down each others necks while they were mesmerized by Lucero's mere presence on stage. I can honestly say this was one of THE sweatiest 19+ shows I have ever experienced, and I loved every second of it!
The entire set can only be described as perfect, and I say that while still acknowledging Ben's slight mix-up with the words to one song, praising the audience for knowing the lyrics better than he did and laughing it off, jumping right back into the chorus ever so suave. Towards the end they played a couple of slower songs with just vocals accompanied by one guitar and two keyboards. One of those tunes also included an accordion, and near the end spiraled into dueling keyboard solo's with each instrument playing back and forth answering each other like a battle between guitars in Crossroads. RESPECT! Tracks My Best Girl and Sweet Little Thing sent the audience wild, and had some even managing to crowd surf past the low ceiling fans, only threatening to knock it down a few times! Ending their decently long set with more beautiful piano, the boys were back out seconds later to really end the night with a few encores and I'm sure more than a few tears.
Until next time Lucero!


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