Metric's new album is definitely not part of my Fantasies.

Who’d you rather be? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Oh seriously,”
I will tell you who I would rather be... Anyone but myself listening to this garbage!
At first I had high hopes for this album, after having some luck with Old World Underground and Live It Out. But I was quickly disappointed with Metric’s most recent release, Fantasies. From start to finish this album is lacking creativity, passion and the all important hook, but it's full of the whiny vocal stylings of Emily "Hopeless Romantic" Haines. I will give her credit where credit is due, and yes she can construct a lyrically well written song, but when it sounds like crying in the microphone it doesn’t make me want to continue to listen. I tip my hat to the band as they have perfected the new wave sound of the 21st century, but FYI it has been done... by you... in 2003!
It just seems as though Metric is riding on the coattails of the hipster crowd they once controlled.
Sadly, this band is pushed as a huge Canadian product, when half of this Canadian band was actually formed in New York, with some of the members residing in the US. Which means that Metric is not really a huge Canadian band... but a small time artsy New York band that has made it big in Canada, thanks to the ever expanding hipster cult following of Toronto.
This is really sad to see when there are great all Canadian bands with female leads, ones that have a similar yet much more real/believable sound. Just like London ON's own The Weekend. With the perfect blend of fast paced pop music and catchy-as-hell lyrics, makes me wonder why we as Canadians are pushing the hell out of Metric, but when asked if they've heard of The Weekend the only response is “you mean Saturday?”
The only saving grace from this album was the first and probably only single Gimme Sympathy, which is full of hooks and a catchy, danceable beat. Releasing the only song that has single potential seems like a good idea off the bat, but all good things must come to an end. And hopefully Metric will meet this doom sooner rather than later.

It's Chris James Bitch!