Norglen/Benefit of a Doubt/Life in Sound @ Revival Friday April 3rd

Friday's show started off on a high note with a band called Life in Sound, apparently hailing from close by in Burlington, ON, this lesser-known band really made it's mark on the Revival stage. The band as a whole sounded like an unlikely yet delicious mix of Moneen and Angels & Airwaves, and throughout the set contained a range of similarities to bands such as Jacks Mannequin/Something Corporate, Evanescence and Our Lady Peace... only despite the fact that some/all of these bands I'm comparing them to are kind of shitty I don't mean that LIS sounded exactly like any of them, only certain aspects in certain songs, and in the best way possible. So cool your jets haters. Smile! Anyway, I loved this band. They sounded like they belonged in the spotlight at massive stadium shows already. The vocal effects sounded great and the singer sang every song with true emotion. Each member was oozing with talent, and I loved the singer/piano player dynamic especially because he was still rocking out!
Every single song was epic in it's own way, think... Car Commercial Epic! My favourite part was hands down the bow on the bass in the second song, that was fucking cool dudes. Work it!
If you want to check them out they are playing Toronto again on April 10th at Mitzi's Sister.

The second band, Benefit of a Doubt, was less than stellar in comparison although the singer's attitude on stage seemed to scream "I'm hot shit". I usually like a bit of cockiness, but if you're going to talk the talk then you have to walk the walk... and the singer maybe took one step away from the mic the entire show making for some very boring presence on stage. NOT hot shit! Not to say they didn't have talent, but the rock they were emitting was all too typical and far too repetitive (postcard postcard postcard postcard postcard). Everything sounded too familiar despite the fact that I had never heard them before, and the music as well as the band felt very controlled the entire set. Come on boys, let loose! Have some fun! Reminding me of Serial Joe back in the day, and a little bit of a poppier Sherwood now, this band seems fitting for easy rock radio, but I wouldn't see them again unless they livened up their performance and their songs a bit.

And then came Norglen, a band I know absolutely nothing about yet they seem to be fairly big in whatever part of the world they are from... and while currently touring through Canada even brought a decent turn out to the Revival in shitty weather. That must say something about them!
From the moment they hit the stage they had amazing energy, especially the lead guitarist who kicked major ass and was so mesmerizing to watch that the rest of the band could have left the stage and I probably wouldn't have noticed! The levels must have been off for the vocals though, or the singer was just whispering too quietly because I could barely hear him above the instruments, which was disappointing. From what I could hear he sounded a lot like the band Wheatus who had that one hit wonder called Teenage Dirtbag, baby! Either way, audible or not he had a good face so that was worth watching ;) and was a lot more appealing when he was holding a guitar. All in all the band reminded me of a heavier James Blunt... one song sounded like that New Radicals song where they are in the mall in the video... another sounded like Matchbox 20... and yet another song about an older sexy woman sounded like it took a cue from the classic Stacey's Mom. I'm pretty sure they even did a wicked Strokes cover to top it all off. I was a little confused at one point when I heard piano in the song but didn't see anybody playing... WEIRD? Or was I just drunk? I doubt that was the case when the beer was $6.50/bottle!
Ghost on piano or not, they put on a successful show and the crowd seemed to love it.
They're still on tour so check them out near you!

(I have pictures but I'm having trouble with them so they may take a while to put up, sorry!)

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