So Many Dynamos - The Loud Wars

Looking for something new, fun and out there? Well look no further. The Loud Wars is the third release for this indie/post-rock/experimental band, and their first to release on Vagrant Records. It's definitely something to check out.
Need more info? Their myspace bio says it best, written by Matt Lemay:
If you have any doubts, wait until the first chorus of “Artifacts of Sound” kicks in. It’s the triumph of the improbable chord change; the moment when the frenetic interplay of the song’s opening verse coalesces into a single walloping gesture. These are songs born of hypnotic repetition and herky-jerk structural discontinuity, unstoppable momentum and haunted ambiance. Produced with detail and nuance by Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) and mixed with force and consideration by Alex Newport (The Mars Volta), The Loud Wars captures both the band’s energy and their intricacy.
Lyrically, The Loud Wars obsesses over the physics and the metaphysics of sound. Musically, it follows suit—every piece of sonic ear candy has its function towards making the album more coherent and purposeful. The game over-screen introduction to “The Novelty of Haunting” is a clever and apt introduction to a song about being dead, but also the perfect setup for an indelible and melodically sly verse. Epic album closer “The Formula” really has no business staying interesting for over six minutes, but there are enough ebbs and flows— subtle sonic maneuvers that make way for substantial textural and structural changes—that it never loses its hold. Guitar and keyboard lines from past songs resurrected, played backwards, and seamlessly recontextualized, exemplifying an approach that is both playful and considered. The details are always engrossing, the big picture always compelling.

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