Afroman - Frobama (Head of State)

Yet another release from the self proclaimed “weed man”. Frobama is the most recent release and hopefully last from this California rapper. Am I alone on this when I say I wish he forgot to release it (because he got high) but unfortunately he remember, and now we as music lovers have to sit through another 25 song piece of musical garbage. Like everything else Afroman released, this one is crawling with marijuana madness. I get it, you like to smoke weed and so does a great big part of the world’s population, but you don’t have to base your entire career around it (that is if you were a legitimate artist and not just a gimmick)... and when you think it can’t get any better, Afroman does a new revamped 2009 version of his only big hit Because I Got High. The question is can you bring something back to life that has been beaten to death once before? Well children, the answer is what you make it, but as far as I am concerned once it’s dead it’s dead. Maybe Afroman believe in reincarnation, who knows, either way he is just rehashing what he has already done... but 10 years later. Honestly it was cool when I was in grade 7, sneaking around behind my parents back, now it’s just sad! I will have to give him credit where credit is due, the skits in between the songs kept me laughing... although all they talk about is weed and malt liquor... don't get me wrong... I love those 2 things.... but again, when that is all you have to talk about it becomes a lil pathetic!. Let’s just say, save your money on the purchase of this CD, and go get high.