Burden of a Day - Oneonethousand

This record is siq.
I can't stop listening to it.
Finally something that I want to come back and listen to after I write this, something that gives my ears the equivalent to a raging boner!

The source of my ear boner?
A post hardcore/screamo band you may know called Burden of a Day, and their third album Oneonethousand.
Heartfelt and melodic in all the right places, I'm instantly drawn in to the style of vocals that make it almost second nature to join in, and holy crap I even appreciate the growling (a buh!?). At times reminding me of a progressive Boys Night Out, or (although it sickens me to say this) a thousand times better Thursday. Adding a splash of Christian tendencies (another a buh!? for me) and a dash of pop makes a world of difference to hook the listener on this band, with catchy sing-a-long's and the balls to toss in a breakdown or two this album is a definite Must Hear.

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