Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Outer South

I listened to Conor Oberst and I.. JIZZED IN MY PANTS!
Seriously now you guys...

If you haven't heard of the master of all genres, the brilliant Mr. Conor Oberst yet then you must have been living under a rock... or you're deaf in which case I guess I can't blame you...
The indie-folk/pop, singer/songwriter genius has done it again. Outer South is one of the best albums I've heard in '09 so far, with it's cute country twang and Bob Dylan'esque vocals, Conor makes me wet yet again with his trembling voice and acoustic guitar.
The album is gentle, wistful, reflective, mellow, earnest, and melancholy... all the ingredients for a phenomenal Dylan-revival album, which I have decided is what Conor is meant to do. Intentional or not he is becoming more and more similar to the king of folk (and the man behind of all my sexual fantasies), especially in the track Nikorette where his vocals lose some of his shakiness and become raspier and sexier than ever.

Fuck, I just jizzed in my pants again thinking about it.

Clean-up on aisle Sarah.

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