Crash Kings - S/T

Rock! Rock! Rock!
Looking for a jizzworthy new ROCK album?
And not that pussy rock like The Fray (even though I love...) and definitely not that talentless cock-rock like NICKELBACK, but like, a real solid ROCK album? Kind of like The White Stripes, or even better, Cold War Kids?
Well well well.
I just might have exactly what you're looking for!
The Crash Kings actually sound extremely similar to The White Stripes and Cold War Kids, but in this rare instance they totally pull off the resemblance because they are just so fucking good... I mean, I love the CWK's, so who am I to argue with another band of the same sound who also can rock my cock off?
Especially when they show up their superiors with their low, rumbing piano that deserves Elton John-like respect, making me wish I had taken lessons, and every song (including the more heartfelt ones) turns into the most intense jam session at some point... HOTT. SEXX.
It's dirty, it's grimy, it's rock n roll baby!