Electrik Red - How To Be A Lady Vol. 1

Electrik Red's latest album should be titled How To Be A Slut Vol.1... or maybe How To Be A Shitty Group Vol.1... or even How To Make People Puke Through Music Vol.1 ... okay you get the point.
What do you get when you throw together 4 slutty girls who can barely sing?
Honestly I don't see how this group could get any worse...
The lyrics are seriously the dumbest I've ever heard... I mean come on who wrote this crap!?
"If my body's a club, you're my disco ball"
The only good beats backing this shit sound all too familiar... as in they definitely ripped them off from other songs, none sound original.
And why are there 4? They clearly don't play anything... I can't tell if they all sing... but I doubt it.
It looks as if this is just one girl with a semi-okay voice and her 3 friends looking for an excuse to dress like whores...
Face it bitches, there's no room in the pop world for this shit... I mean, we already have the Pussycat Dolls and all the cunts who came after them... fuck off already!
I can't even finish listening to the entire album even in 30 second samplers because it's that bad. Yeesh!