Hatebreed - For The Lions (all covers)

Each member of Hatebreed has recently selected a bunch of genres and subgenres that they would like to cover and here it is at last... all metal... all given a Hatebreed makeover... and including a 20 page booklet in the physical edition on how each covered band influenced the respective member of Hatebreed that picked it.
I'm not even a fan and I'd be interested in reading that shiz.
The covers are pretty decent and the choice of songs phenomenal...

Here they are:
01. SLAYER - Ghosts of War
02. CRO-MAGS - It's The Limit
03. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Suicidal Maniac
04. SEPULTURA - Refuse/Resist
05. METALLICA - Escape
06. BAD BRAINS - Supertouch/Shitfit
07. MISFITS - Hatebreeders
08. D.R.I. - Evil Minds
09. MADBALL - Set It Off
10. SICK OF IT ALL - Shut Me Out
11. BLACK FLAG - Thirsty
13. CROWBAR - All I Had I Gave
14. MERAUDER - Life Is Pain
15. AGNOSTIC FRONT - Your Mistake
16. JUDGE - Hear Me
17. OBITUARY - I'm In Pain
18. SUBZERO - Boxed In