Kevin Devine... Brother's Blood

If you haven't heard of this Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter before and you're a fan of Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes then GET THE FUCK OVER TO HIS MYSPACE PAGE NOW because I can guarantee you will LOVE his latest album, Brother's Blood.
Once the front man for emo-indie band The Miracle of '86, this is Kevin's 7th solo album since breaking away on his own in 2002. This ginger's vocal stylings are almost identical to those of the infamous Mr. Oberst, just with a little less shaking and trembling.
A melodic and peaceful take on the emo-folk rock era, the album sounds like a Bright Eyes vs. Dashboard vs. Elliott Smith-fused compilation with the same style of thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics to reach deep into your heart and soul. His voice is full of passion and emotion which he emits full force with each tune, putting everything he's got into it time and time again.
If you like any of the below artists you might as well just go buy this album, fuck listening to it, you'll love it... trust me!

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