Madina Lake - Attics to Eden

Formed in Chicago, IL in 2005 by Nathan Leone and twin brother Matthew, this alternative pop band called Madina Lake got their big break after the twins appeared on a special episode of Fear Factor, winning $50,000 for devouring cow guts and hanging from helicopters in order to pay for their demo.
Since then they have produced two full lengths, the most recent is Attics to Eden, an angst-ridden yet melodic blend of tense and brooding emotions, best described by as the:
"fusing the forceful guitars of heavy metal with crisp harmonies, electronic accents and the melodic conceits of indie rock, Madina Lake is a conceptually ambitious group whose songs tell the stories of imaginary community of Madina Lake, a secluded hamlet in the woods where life is much as it was in the 1950's. However, beneath the town's peaceful facade lurks a disturbing undertow that features the most destructive aspects of American culture, which manifest themselves in strange and unexpected ways."
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