Sparks the Rescue - Eyes To The Sun

We all know how much I love my pop/punk... I even like to consider myself a pop/punk connoisseur, since the majority of my day is spent sitting in front of my work computer searching endlessly for my next daily pop/punk obsession.
If you've ever been on you know that pop/punk is produced in surplus every dog darn day, and one after another they sound identical to the last.
(Say pop/punk one more time I dare you.... POP/PUNK)
What I look for is a band that can hook me in, be it with the voice, a catchy chorus, enjoyable guitar or drums and so on and so forth...and Sparks The Rescue definitely were able to catch my attention. Eyes To The Sun is the debut album from these young'ins whose ages average at around 19 or 20 years old... and BTW they have been together since roughly 1999... colour me impressed already!
With their innocent and cute "bop bop bopping" love songs with super catchy sing-a-long choruses and well placed clap-a-longs, each track comes off as sweet, innocent, and just plain fun.
At times the tracks (especially the vocals) sound like the All American Rejects, and matched with the same style of hook-filled radio-friendly pop punk STR can almost be considered as AAR's precious little brother band. At other times, such as the chorus in "My Heart Radio", the boys sound like they could replace the Jonas Brothers on Disney, acting as a punkier, older, slightly heavier big brother band to those three twerps err stars.
Either way these boys are high on my radar and I guarantee if you like any of the bands below they will be high on yours too.
Check out their exclusive stream of the newbie on
Their release also comes in an Itunes deluxe edition which includes a couple of acoustic versions of the most popular tracks and two other super-bad-ass songs as well.

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