The Vaselines - Enter the Vaselines [Deluxe]

Most famously known as one of Kurt Cobain's biggest influences, The Vaselines date back to 1986 (which means they are the same age as ME) and are still going strong. The twee pop/indie/alternative rock band showcases their years of experience in Enter The Vaselines, which is well-written with great guitar and super fun songs to shake a tail to. Rambunctious, energetic, sexy, rowdy yet brash, the band has developed a cult following since the words of praise from Cobain, but I do believe they would have had just as much success without him, although it probably would have taken a few more years to gain the recognition they deserve.
Described by as
"lewd but naive adn abrasive yet tender, the band's shambling primitivist squall remains a perfect distillation of pop at it's most guileless and euphoric."
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