Zao - Awake?

First of all, I just want to say that my favourite part about this band (and the only thing I like about them) is the frontman's insane moustache... how much for a moustache ride buddy? eh eh!?

Anyhoo, Zao is a christian punk revival/alternative metal band with lots of raw, angry, husky growling with an edge that makes me want to scream CLEAR YOUR GODDAMN THROAT!!! (oops, is that blasphemy?)The ministry-oriented faith-based hardcore band produces radio friendly harmonies thrown into the midst of angst ridden cries for their latest release titled Awake?
And I think it's pretty crappy. WHOMP x2.
According to though it's...
"A staple of the annual Cornerstone festivals, Zao is perhaps the first metalcore band with roots in the Christian music scene to enjoy a credible, respected position in the mainstream halls of the hardcore and metal realms. Their Carcass-inspired vocals have inspired a slew of imitators of their own. Multi-instrumentalist/drummer/founding member Jesse Smith has long been recognized as one of the best percussionists in heavy music. And the band's lack of apprehension about straying from proven formulas, genre restrictions, and labels of any kind is astounding."
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