Patrick Brealey - Mercury in Songbirds

Shining a modern light on the roots of North American popular music, Patrick Brealey blends elements of folk, country, cabaret and blues to deliver lyrically driven songs with a uniquely powerful voice. And on July 14th, in collaboration with Boompa Records, his release of Mercury in Songbirds provides the perfect pairing to this matchless mix.

An accomplished pianist, agile vocalist, and adept guitar picker, Patrick Brealey is a natural performer. His ability to engage an audience is a signature of his live shows. Captivating crowds and moving them to react is a true testament to his belief that art is nothing without an audience. And surely the fact that he offers his own homemade pickles and preserves at his shows doesn’t take away of his charm. (Visit The Dakota Tavern and Henhouse in Toronto to taste for yourself!)

Patrick’s latest album Mercury in Songbirds is a collection of songs born in a different era, raised today and fed by the influence of songwriters like Lyle Lovett, Tom Waits and Willie Nelson. From the early rock and roll swagger of “I Don’t Want to Hear Another Love Song” to the laid back dobro on “Castaway Heart” and the country heartache of “Please Don’t Love Me with that Love”, these songs reminisce of days gone by while carving a distinctive niche in today’s Canadian folk and roots scene.

Having shared stages with Serena Ryder, Justin Rutledge, and Luke Doucet, Patrick Brealey is supporting his release with a national tour that includes a coveted spot at Mariposa Festival:

July 3-5 - Mariposa Folk Festival - Orillia, ON - Tudhope Park
July 9 - Comox, BC - House Concert
July 10 - Ucluelet, BC - Wild Heather Books
July 12 - Duncan, BC - Duncan Garage Showroom w/ Archie Pateman
July 13 - Saltspring Island, BC - Treehouse Cafe
July 17 - Vancouver, BC - St. James Hall - CD Release Party
July 18 - Winlaw, BC - Cedar Creek Cafe
July 21 - Calgary, AB - House Concert
July 22 - Saskatoon, SK - The Hayloft
July 23 - Edmonton, AB - The Haven Social Club
July 24 - Saskatoon, SK - House Concert

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The Gateway District - Some Days You Get The Thunder


June 30th is the day of the pop punk super group releases apparently, because The Gateway District is hard to describe as anything but super! With members also from many other bands (including one from Dear Landlords ... see previous post) and Banner Pilot (Nate) as well as a mother fucking female singer that I can ACTUALLY STAND!! And I'll go further than that and say that I .... get this.... ACTUALLY LOVE HER VOICE!
Black is white. Up is down.
Sarah likes a female vocalist.
She's fucking wicked, and plays guitar too, and the guy's vocals work so perfectly with hers that it just sounds fannnnnnnn-tastic.
Pumping out totally old school pop punk that will defy generations, with a splash of harmonica and packed full of great bass lines, Some Days You Get The Thunder will actually make you jizz your pants, just like that time you ate that grape....
Again, seriously take a listen if you like the bands below.
So good. Soy good.

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Dear Landlord - Dream Homes

Dear Landlord is a pop punk super group, with members from The Copyrights (Adam and Brett), Houseboat/Off With Their Heads (Zack) and the Gateway District (Brad) playing timeless, classic punk rock similar to that of each other band they represent. Honestly, you can never have enough GOOD pop punk.
Dream Homes is one of the best albums I've heard this year so far, it's solid in it's entirety, from the bass to the guitars to the vocals, everything is actually perfect, plain and simple.
Fucking check it out. Especially if you love any of the bands listed above/below. Bitches.

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Miclords & Sauce Funky... they are sick as fuck!

In most cases when an up-and-coming band comes to me with an album to review they tend to get insulted when they realize that, unless of course they're phenomenal, I'm actually a huge bitch and talk a lot of shit because, well, it's my site and I'll do what I fucking want to!
Except in this case Miclords & Sauce Funky are, actually, phenomenal, and my cunt ass actually has nothing rude to say for once.
Thanks a lot assholes!

Literally all morning I have spent sitting at my desk and (aside from working since that's where I am, obbbbvvviiiouuuusly) going through band after band after band trying to find something worth listening to. Nothing and nobody could hold my attention for more than 3 seconds before getting X'd.. I was sick and tired of all my usual music and despite the Internet full of bands at my fingertips I couldn't find anything I could appreciate on this lazy Friday morning/afternoon/whatever. So I decided to write this review (finally!) and holy fuck I'm an idiot, because Miclords & Sauce Funky is EXACTLY what I had been searching for all day to suit my musical mood.
It's seriously fucking wicked. Or, "sick as fuck" to quote their hilarious intro.
That's the thing, not enough bands let their humour shine through their music to keep things interesting and give you a sense of what they are like as people. The bands who take things too seriously get boring, but these guys are actually funny fuckers who can have a good time as well as giving you one. (heh)
It's not all about the laughs though they actually have some pretty good messages, like rape is bad, and stand up and fight for what you believe in.. "Can I get a witness!!". They even rip on money hungry bitches, or "hungry tigers" to quote me some Paris Hilton. But back to the rape song for a second (it's actually called Rebelling (R.A.P.E)).. it starts off with a girl getting pressured to kiss her guy friend and it really kind of creeped me out at first when I heard it, threw me right off, and I was like "what the fuck is this band about", but then I realized it was actually against rape, phew, and it started to remind me of one of the most epic story type songs by Immortal Technique called Dance With The Devil... the way it tells the fucked up story and actually makes the listener uncomfortable in the gut because of the strong emotion you get while listening, whoa. Pretty amazing, and the end where the female vocals complete the song made me wet. Wet for rape. KIDDING!
And musically they're good too.
With obvious influence from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a slightly Everlast-esque feel to it (remember What It's Like? Well their other stuff). They say it best themselves "you can find us chillin on a corner between hip hop avenue and folk boulevard". The entire album sounds incredibly badass, funky right from the start and encouraging me to dance in my chair at my desk. The vocals are my favourite part, the multiple singers mesh perfectly with excellent use of back up vocals and harmonies. At times they remind me of hometown sensations Down With Webster who are getting huge right now, but in a much less commercial pop way and a lot more solid (even though I love dww).. much funkier and "real".
Loves it.
You can check it out on their myspace HERE.
And check out their tour schedule below.

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Jim Ivins Band EP Etc...

Ace Enders formerly of The Early November (<3) has been quite busy recently since him and the old band have gone on hiatus, one of his new projects including production on the EP titled Back To Reality by a band called the Jim Ivins Band. His influences on the album are obvious, forming JIB into something of a G-rated version of The Early November style-wise and vocally. Coining the term "Family Friendly" radio rock, this melody-driven acoustic pop/rock four-piece emit a rather goody-goody, Teachers Pet (except the musical equivalent now dubbed Radio Pet) type of attitude fit for everybody young and old. Although at times some songs on their myspace come off as almost too sweet and pure, their Back To Reality EP brings slightly edgier hooks to the table and a lot more personality and emotion. The soft, non-threatening vocals are easy on the ears, and encourages the listener to close their eyes and picture pretty flowers and rainbows while Jim Ivins croons away, sounding similar to their famous producer without relenting to the whine in his voice nearly as much (except for the song "Every Day..." where the meeeeeeee line is almost painfully whiny). At other times it feels as if the singer is holding back his talent from us, not showing in full what his voice is capable of and it makes me want to hear more from them... hopefully there will be more range and a stronger sense of emotion in songs to come.
Sounding a lot like more recent Mae, or how the Goo Goo Dolls would sound had they formed 2 years ago as opposed to 20. Oddly enough, and I can't help but call this out, their song titled "Fall Flat" found on their myspace sounds eerily similar to Oasis' "Wonderwall" in the verses... which displays how heavily influenced by the band they were I guess.
Check out their myspace HERE!

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Gregory Pepper’s got problems – but who doesn’t, right? Lucky for him (and us) these problems have persevered into an album’s worth of material for every year of his lonesome existence. Out on June 16th via Fake Four Inc./Sonic Unyon Distribution, With Trumpets Flaring dares to be of Pepper’s most ambitiously despondent examinations of hopeless optimism.

In his hometown of Guelph, Ontario Gregory Pepper & His Problems is a moniker used by the 26-year-old musician and visual artist who has amassed a repertoire of 500 or so anthems of confusion and ambivalence, ranging from punk influenced indie-rock to polished baroque-pop. He is currently supporting himself as a freelance illustrator, has toured alongside the likes of Islands, Burn Ruffians, and The Smoking Popes, collaborated on albums with Noah23 and Awol One, and is now preparing for a tour with his recently formed four-piece band.

Armed with a handful of cheap musical instruments, pens and alcohol as well as a mobile recording studio, With Trumpets Flaring draws upon the poppy 1960’s melancholy of Brian Wilson and Roy Orbison as much as he does from modern trends in electronic and hip-hop. Gregory Pepper & His Problems creates an experimental musical landscape that is instantly engrossing and “exemplifying, in it’s core, the beauty of the indie aesthetic.” - The Portastylistic

Now go watch this horrifying album animation teaser here:

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