Jim Ivins Band EP Etc...

Ace Enders formerly of The Early November (<3) has been quite busy recently since him and the old band have gone on hiatus, one of his new projects including production on the EP titled Back To Reality by a band called the Jim Ivins Band. His influences on the album are obvious, forming JIB into something of a G-rated version of The Early November style-wise and vocally. Coining the term "Family Friendly" radio rock, this melody-driven acoustic pop/rock four-piece emit a rather goody-goody, Teachers Pet (except the musical equivalent now dubbed Radio Pet) type of attitude fit for everybody young and old. Although at times some songs on their myspace come off as almost too sweet and pure, their Back To Reality EP brings slightly edgier hooks to the table and a lot more personality and emotion. The soft, non-threatening vocals are easy on the ears, and encourages the listener to close their eyes and picture pretty flowers and rainbows while Jim Ivins croons away, sounding similar to their famous producer without relenting to the whine in his voice nearly as much (except for the song "Every Day..." where the meeeeeeee line is almost painfully whiny). At other times it feels as if the singer is holding back his talent from us, not showing in full what his voice is capable of and it makes me want to hear more from them... hopefully there will be more range and a stronger sense of emotion in songs to come.
Sounding a lot like more recent Mae, or how the Goo Goo Dolls would sound had they formed 2 years ago as opposed to 20. Oddly enough, and I can't help but call this out, their song titled "Fall Flat" found on their myspace sounds eerily similar to Oasis' "Wonderwall" in the verses... which displays how heavily influenced by the band they were I guess.
Check out their myspace HERE!

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