Set Your Goals -- This Will Be The Death Of Us

I know I just wrote shit on Set Your Goals and their show this past week, but after hearing their new album in full I have a shit-ton more to say about them.
Like... They fucking rule.
Breaking onto the scene with two wicked EP's followed by a seemingly unbeatable first album titled Mutiny all in the span of 2005-2006, Set Your Goals immediately built up an army of fans by straddling the lines of pop punk and hardcore, the two genres competing for recognition at the time. Although not directly responsible for the fusing both styles together they can be credited with perfecting it, all while adding a ridiculous amount of pirate references.. I mean COME ON, how sweet is that.
After releasing such an epic freshman album things could have gone either way with the sophomore release This Will Be The Death Of Us. Lucky for both the band and the listener, this record does not disappoint and in no way lacks the sweat and balls that went into Mutiny.
Working with producer Mike Green (Paramore, The Matches) the band took a giant leap forward with the production value on this album resulting in more of a sharp, polished and clean-cut sound, while at the same time progressing their aggressive 90's skate pop/punk/hardcore into the same realm as veterans like Bad Religion and All. Featuring guest vocals from Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche/The Movielife), Haley Williams (Paramore) and Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory) the SYG singers further perfect their tag team vocals, even down to impeccable timing alongside their guest voices.
The album is made up of 12 punishing tracks of non-stop ball-busting pop punk anthems, none of which are written about any dumb bitches that most pop punk bands like to cry about in their lyrics, no no, each song has a mature and positive message encouraging listeners to live their own lives and ask questions, and most importantly follow their dreams. The lyrics are suggestive without being preachy and by the 12th track if you listen close enough you come out of the album feeling somewhat socially conscious and as if you can conquer the world, just like Set Your Goals is conquering the world of mother-fucking-punk-rawk!

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