Vans Warped Tour 2009 Toronto!

Wow, it's only been four days and already Warped Tour is a blur, so let's just look at some of the highlights that I can remember... between beer and boys there were actually some pretty decent bands in and among the growing mass of shitty not-so-punk bitches that are taking over the tour.
Walk Off The Earth kicked off the day on a high note; tight, fun to watch, upbeat and ska-full (not to be confused with awful, despite rhyming capabilities), with special guests Rune-dogg and Mullet-Man (Julian) from The Johnstones (who unfortunately weren't playing this year) to spice things up in the first AND last song.
Still somewhat sober at this point I can recall booking it to see 3oh!3 after WOTE finished, and despite their sudden overwhelming radio success they were still fucking greasy as ever.. dancing and grinding, swinging those hips, and thrusting in my general direction, and I guess the rest of the audience.. for the second time in the last few weeks I had to hold back from throwing my bra on stage and fingering myself to the music (too much?), and I'm afraid I'm resorting back to my 13 year old girl self when it comes to all these sexy bands out there (and I'm not referring to the Jonas Brothers, unless that young one aged like 5 years in the past 5 minutes)..
What the fuck am I even talking about? Who am I?
Bottom line: 3oh!3 were sexy and sounded great too.
Then I had to stand for Underoath and I wanted to kill myself.
And this is where it starts to get fuzzy.
I vaguely remember Less Than Jake hilariously bashing their new album and the few songs I caught were fucking great, no surprise there for the ska veterans.
Alexisonfire marked the second time that day that I wanted to kill myself. (damn you Sheilah!)
Dance Gavin Dance were spectacular, soo much energy and not a noticeable flaw in the set. So technical and precise, packing a much stronger punch live than recorded fo sho.
There was one newer band that stood out called TV/TV. I heard them for the first time a few days before Warped and luckily stumbled upon them sometime in the afternoon playing one of the smaller stages. They actually wow'ed me. Poppy, yet with more depth to them than most, they hooked me with the songs "Indie Rock Girl" and "Get It Get It", a cheer anthem for the ages. Although we seemed to be the only two with wristbands (aka over 19) in the crowd, they actually had quite the gathering of fans for their first time on Warped/in Canada, and the girls loved them... The singer even gave out his number and girls (and boys) actually took it down in their phones... which I bet he's regretting now. Sucker!
Anyway, worth listening to, and possibly the only newer band I was stoked on this Warped.
The last band I recall is Bad Religion, and I don't really know what to say except they are one of the best punk bands ever. Nothing else could do them justice. Still growing in talent even as they start losing their hair.


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