Introducing... Roslyn!

For those of you who haven't discovered Roslyn yet, get the fuck on it... or better yet, let me do it for you.
The foursome from Richmond, Virginia sound somewhat like they came straight out of the early 60's, but have unbelievably been around only since the summer of 2008 and already sound like veterans with their first 4 track demo.
Each song defies decades of genres with apparent influences from so many great bands (the Beatles, Kooks, Jimmy Eat World etc.), yet the similarity is so slight that they manage to sound completely unique and fresh in an age of copycat bands and the same radio friendly crap crashing through the airwaves.
Sounding like the male equivalent of the Pipettes, Roslyn takes the "Phil Spector inspired sound of the early 60's revival" and incorporates it into their carefree, fun loving pop rock songs.
Overflowing with beautiful harmonies and gorgeous female backup vocals, the tunes are always cheerful and the lyrics tell sweet stories of girls and love, without breaching the line towards "emo" bull poop.
The vocals specifically are unique to his own, and the passion behind the voice and the energy he adds to each song in all the right places really draws the listener into the way he was feeling when he wrote the lyrics.
Although I favour the 3 more upbeat tracks ("Suicide Girl", "On Display", "All This Time") the 4th track "Personal Ghost" has grown on me infinitely in the last couple listens, as the haunting tones continue in my head after the music ends, and I find myself singing along and craving to hear more.
The perfect band to pass the rest of the summer months to.
Can't wait for a full length!

Amanda Blank and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's @ Kool Haus.... by Chris!

Let’s talk female empowerment for a second.
What does it mean to you?

Well let me tell you what it means to me:
Female empowerment is rocking a rain poncho (maid of the mist style) in a pair of heels. Female empowerment is controlling the entire room with the just a few words backed up by some dance'y music.
Still confused?
Female empowerment is having Amanda Blank, one of the best female MC’s alive right now, open for a little band by the name of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, who are still one of the most influential female-led indie rock bands on the face of the earth.

Let me rewind a tad..
Last Wednesday night at the Kool Haus started off as any typical concert; we walked in, saw the same hipster kids that were too cool for school.. You know the ones: arms crossed, big fake ass old lady glasses, giving you the “Toronto once over”.....yah those kids....
While impatiently waiting for the opening act to start the horrid top 40 music that was playing in the background was unexpectedly interrupted with an announcement: There was some issue with Amanda Blanks DJ..
Instantly I was pissed.. But typical me, I never wait till the end of the announcement before getting all worked up. While I was shitting my pants in the worst and most figurative way possible, the announcer continues “Because of this problem, we have two thirds of Spank Rock filling in”...
I literally shit my pants in the best way possible.
If you don’t know about Spank Rock, give it a Google! Let’s just say it's some of the best Baltimore booty bass music available and ironically who I was strutting to on my walk to the show.
The lights dim and BAM, instant bass. So deep I thought I was going to lose my smaller intestine in my H&M panties. With members of Spank Rock behind the “steel wheels” I knew this set was going to be amazing. Starting with a rough 15ish minute set mashing up top 40 hip hop with some of the Spank Rock collection, these guys got the room instantly dancing, or should I say grinding! Hitting on tracks like “Backyard Betty” and “Touch Me”... Let’s just say AMAZING.
The lights went out yet again and all I saw was legs.... a rain poncho and legs from here to forever! With the poncho hood up she had the audience questioning.. "Who is this girl? And what is she doing on the stage?" Then like a vocal slap in the ear drum, Amanda opened her mouth and in her flyjaw female style of rapping totally blew the panties off the crowd. Totally winning the concert goers over with tracks off her newly released album, I Love You, including “Make It Take It”, “Something Bigger Something Better” and her first North American single “Might like You Better”. But also keeping her hardcore fans (me included) happy by performing tracks from the Bangers & Cash album... which, for those of you who don’t know Bangers & Cash is an album that was released a few years ago that was put together by members of Spank Rock & a DJ by the name if Benny Blanco, with feature spots by Amanda Blank... give that one a Google too. You won’t be disappointed.
What more is there to say? Amanda never missed a beat and in my opinion one of the best female MC’s out these days.

Soaking wet (and not from the sweat) I was already ready to leave.. not to say that I didn’t want to stay for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, but Amanda delivered enough goods in the first 20mins that I could have walked out then and there and still gotten my money’s worth.. But of course I stayed ... I couldn’t turn my back on Karen O.
After busting a move throughout Amanda’s entire set I was willing to wait another 20 minutes for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s to come on stage. It gave me enough time to change my underwear, wipe the sweat from my brow and double fist beer at the bar.
Lights dim one last time, the crowd blows up, and out walks the members of the band. From the beginning the energy was amazing. Ms O knows how to work the crowd, in a shredded black and white dress with red fringe, a shy grin and of course her signature style of posing made me remember why I am in love with her. Carefully skimming through their catalogue of hits and picking the right amount of down tempo and danc'y bangers, this three-piece compiled the best collection and their music and showed the crowd why they are one of the most well respected bands in the indie art chic world. While hitting every note, every word, every emotion the YYY’s showed that there is never a bad time to use confetti cannons and angled spot lights. Displaying their musical skill throughout the set, with perfect timing and near flawless reenactment of tracks such as “Hysteric” “Y Control” and “Heads Will Roll”. Finishing the night with a massive encore including one of the new singles “Zero” as well as an acoustic version of “Map” which was revamped and dedicated to Toronto. There is not much to say when it comes to these guys and lady; they prove themselves time and time again, not like they really have to. Anything I say would be redundant. Yeah Yeah Yeahs = the shit.
Amanda Blank and Karen O... Let’s just say these are the only two women in the music industry right now that I would pay to have dance in front of me for almost 3 hours.

It's Chris James Bitch.