Introducing... Roslyn!

For those of you who haven't discovered Roslyn yet, get the fuck on it... or better yet, let me do it for you.
The foursome from Richmond, Virginia sound somewhat like they came straight out of the early 60's, but have unbelievably been around only since the summer of 2008 and already sound like veterans with their first 4 track demo.
Each song defies decades of genres with apparent influences from so many great bands (the Beatles, Kooks, Jimmy Eat World etc.), yet the similarity is so slight that they manage to sound completely unique and fresh in an age of copycat bands and the same radio friendly crap crashing through the airwaves.
Sounding like the male equivalent of the Pipettes, Roslyn takes the "Phil Spector inspired sound of the early 60's revival" and incorporates it into their carefree, fun loving pop rock songs.
Overflowing with beautiful harmonies and gorgeous female backup vocals, the tunes are always cheerful and the lyrics tell sweet stories of girls and love, without breaching the line towards "emo" bull poop.
The vocals specifically are unique to his own, and the passion behind the voice and the energy he adds to each song in all the right places really draws the listener into the way he was feeling when he wrote the lyrics.
Although I favour the 3 more upbeat tracks ("Suicide Girl", "On Display", "All This Time") the 4th track "Personal Ghost" has grown on me infinitely in the last couple listens, as the haunting tones continue in my head after the music ends, and I find myself singing along and craving to hear more.
The perfect band to pass the rest of the summer months to.
Can't wait for a full length!