Lindsey Mae - EP

Lindsey Mae, an 19 year old girl with a gorgeous voice from Saratoga, NY, is well on her way to becoming the next pop sensation and a common name among both young and old in every household. With only an EP under her belt she has already been compared to popular female vocalists such as Tristan Pettyman and A Fine Frenzy, who she shares producer Hal Cragin with.
Hal Cragin is widely known for producing the legend Iggy Pop, and with such a resume it's hard to be surprised at the quality behind Lindsey's first release, you would expect nothing less from the man behind the man himself.
Lindsey's soft and sweet vocals are a perfect match for the beautiful guitar, and although the chords are simple the notes bring an element of elegance to the songs, proving that music doesn't have to be complicated to be good.
The young Miss Mae picked up a guitar at the early age of 15 and in just 4 years has written over 50 songs about life and love, bringing a refreshingly bright and young innocence to a world so full of negativity and sorrow.
“I tell stories from what i see and what i feel, for all the world to hear, understand, and relate to. Music is all about the story behind the writer, inside the noise, between the written words. It’s about the story that comes with it and the one you make of it. It is the spaces left empty between the lines for you to fill with your own story, to finish the story. That is what music is…one big never-ending story.”
(Lindsey Mae)
How old is she again!?
She has already inspired me to pick up my guitar, dust it off, and give it a go again after years of neglect. With her whole life ahead of her it is truly amazing what she has done in just 4 years, and there is no question she will be inspiring people for many more.
With her light-hearted and sugar sweet songs she can be compared to Colbie Caillat or even a female Jason Mraz.
All the best to Lindsey Mae, not that I think she will need it.