Cobra Skulls/Teenage Bottlerocket @ Kathedral!

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who came out for punk's Wild Card band Teenage Bottlerocket with underrated pop punk geniuses Cobra Skulls, and even better the number of them leather jacket and East bound on the street car with me, clearly sharing my destination. Much like the last time I saw them at the Horseshoe every fan in the building was a die hard, no doobt aboot it man!
I'm really horrible at actually showing up for an entire show, someone should really fire me... except I RUN THIS SHIT :P! I, of course, missed The Roman Line (sorry guys!) but I have a good excuse, or at least a get-out-of-jail-free card because I'm seeing them at Sneaks on November 10th (with The New Enemy & Copyrights!) and I will be there for it, I promise!
(I'm not just a huge skank, I do work a full time job NOT doing blogs, and a girl's gotta eat, right?
...Otherwise I'd be passed out wasted before the headliners... KIDDING!!!)
Moving on...
I can honestly say that up until Tuesday I was a Cobra Skulls VIRGIN, and boy did it feel good to get that cherry popped. They were one of the grooviest pop-punkers I've seen, especially for a goddamn 3-piece.
The energy was thru da roof as I walked in to the singer and bass player dancing around the stage effortlessly as if they weren't holding instruments, or the music didn't depend on them actually playing it... and although slightly difficult for him to dance behind the kit, the drummer made his presence known by kicking some major ass.
Even though looking around at the crowd it was clear that, probably due to lack of Canadian shows ever, most were in da house for TBR, but not a single broad or bloke was not enjoying CS, whether they knew the words or not. Their set was fast-paced, jazzy and split between poppin' love songs and rockin' punk tunes.. --I just want to take this opportunity to say yes, I am aware of how disgustingly cheesy I am, suck on that white stains-- Anyway, their entire performance was tighter than your bum (maybe not Chris'!!) and as the clapping and noise died down after perhaps song 4 I clearly heard echoing through the pit "WOW THAT SONG WAS AWWEEESSSOMMMMEEEEE!!!!" in a booming voice. The culprit remains unknown (along with the song I heard that after...oops) but dude was loving it McDonalds stylezz. If you missed them I feel like I should literally just point and laugh at you, because...
ha ha ha
you suck.

(And I don't think I've ever used that word on here before... prove me wrong?)
Man, oh man, oh man.
Seeing them was like Christmas coming early, sans any red or green or snow or tree or jingle bells or tinsel... but there WAS magic in the air - although instead of joining hands and singing that "Welcome Christmas" song from The Grinch people were smashing each other in the pit... it was beautiful. Excuse me while I wipe away my TEARS OF JOY still plastered on my face from Tuesday night.
Playing song after song with barely a pause between, which seemed exhausting to the rest of us dancing but didn't seem to phase the band in the slightest. To the audiences enjoyment they played all the classics: Radio, In The Basement, Welcome To The Nuthouse, Bloodbath at Burger King, On My Own, AND as a special request to my lucky friend Thea, they played So Cool <3. Not to mention the tracks off their latest album which were amazing, one was a love song, the next one of the fastest fucking songs I may have ever heard, so wiiiiicked. The look on each and every fan's face said it all: seeing TBR made their week, their month, their year, and for some their life, swear to bejeezus. Hilariously I don't think they played an encore, can't blame them after playing for so long basically straight, and to be honest I don't think anybody left with crushed spirits.
Over and out.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

***so sorry, technical difficulties with my stupid camera at the moment, working on getting some pics up soon***