Have you heard the Gossip?

Remember that old saying “Don’t judge a book by it's cover”? Well the same can be said about music.
With the recent wave of female “rock stars” who seem to be more concerned with their image, figures and how package-able they can be, it’s nice to see that there are still female artist who care more about the talent and artistic merit that they have. Just because a singer has a pretty vessel in which their voice is carried, does not mean the voice they carry is a pretty one. This point was more than proven last night at the Opera House, when The Gossip tore up the stage accompanied by their friends in MEN.
The night began with the indie-electro pop group MEN took the stage. Fronted by JD, who got his start in the new wave/electro group Le Tigre, MEN was able to get the kids dancing immediately. With the right blend of basic dance beats laced with a mash of melodic guitar riffs and synthy keyboard sections it’s no wonder I was sweaty within minutes. While I was cutting a rug I couldn’t help but notice the in-your-face political statements that the band put forward. Not to say that I don’t agree with their views or that I don’t believe that politics have a place in music, because that is far from it. I just believe that there is a time and place to make a statement, and honestly I don’t think the Opera House full of drunk people was the best place. Besides that, I believe that MEN put on a hell of a show! From the costumes, to the music, to the way the band interacted with the crowd as well as each other, MEN was the perfect opening act for The Gossip
After about a 15min lull the lights dim and then BAM, like an orgasmic punch to the ear the drums kicked in and the crowd lost their shit.
The Gossip has arrived!
On walks Beth in her full figured glory and oozing confidence. Although Beth isn’t what society would consider pretty, she sure doesn’t let that stop her from dominating the stage. With one of the most soul piercing voices I have heard in a really long time, Beth proves that you don’t need layers of makeup and a boob job to belt it out, nor to sell records or create and sustain a mass following.
From beginning to end The Gossip brought the heat!!!
With a drummer who can change tempo in a split second and keep the beat while chugging beer; a guitarist who isn’t afraid to try something new on stage while also tickling the keys in between rifts, and a now visible bassist who is able to join a band and fit in so well it’s like he has been there from the beginning, it’s no question why The Gossip has such a strong fan base. This band has such a dynamic between them that makes even the most aesthetically unappealing thing look so beautiful.
Playing songs that spanned their entire catalogue, The Gossip was able to please both the diehard fans as well as the new listeners. Not only did they play from their catalogue, but also did a medley that consisted of MEN’s “I want to fuck my friends” mashed up with their song “standing in the way of control” which was an unexpected bonus. As the show was ending, The Gossip was chanted back on to do an encore and in true diva style Beth and The Gossip ended with a Tina Turner classic “what’s love got to do with it” and an amazing A Capella rendition of Queen’s “We are the champions” which was the perfect way to end an utterly fabulous performance.
On my way out of the show I felt like a young girl who has just saw her icon, but this icon stomped on all the stereotypes that have been placed on society by the media. Not only did Beth and The Gossip show that despite the image you put forth, it’s about the art and the talent that people actually care about and no matter how fake and glamorous the cover is it’s only upheld by the content of the book.

I'm Chris James Bitch!